“Here We Go Again, Again, Part 1”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19 / John 3:16


My Friends & Fellow Xenophobes:


First off, thank you for your generosity and kindness and generosity for sending cards to LCpl Logan McKenzie.  His grandad advised me that he received a lot of cards from you bunch.  He and his family sends their thanks and regards.

Literally, tens of thousands (or longer) of years  ago when the Og Tribe, following the migration of the Mastodon, chanced upon the Mung Tribe, they were less than thrilled to see them.

When I say “less than thrilled”, I meant “were speared and stoned to death.”

In the millennia since we have evolved, sorta, kinda, a little, at times.

In the earliest time when folks had no idea they were not alone it would be expected to despatch the others for fear they would take their hunting grounds or women.  Was this prejudice? Was this fear? Are they both one in the same?

I am sure that continued until “civilization”, when instead of tribes fought unknown tribes, kingdoms fought known kingdoms.

Finally man evolved to the point where it was not fear that caused them to hate others but just the idea of “others” as one neighboring kingdom was invading other kingdoms for riches.

Much like Chicago.

Of course this insanity continued unabated until the “Enlightenment” when people, tired of being mad at other people, got mad at God.  The end result were the beginnings of liberalism and the French Revolution.

Two of the most epic failures in all of history.


Fast forward to the United States, mid-19th Century.

Argue all you want about the causation of the Civil War, the Republican Party was formed to end slavery.  (You know, the Dems loved the black slaves soooooooo much they wanted to keep them forever!)

The North won, the slaves were freed and everyone hated the blacks.

Then came the first wave of European immigration when everyone hated the Italians, but still hated the blacks.

Then came the Swedes, Germans and others and people accepted the Italians, but hated the Swedes, Germans and others.  And, yes, still hated the blacks.

The last wave were the Irish.  And everyone hated the Irish, even the blacks.  But everyone else still hated the blacks.

Soon came the Great War and everyone pulled together to beat the Hun.  And they did.  And after the war everyone still hated the blacks and Catholics were still looked upon with a crooked eye.

(If you think I am being unfair to the blacks just look at the long, rich history of our Country doing our best to keep them down.  When I say “our”, I mean the Democrats and other fun loving liberals. This is not and will not turn into a diatribe or apologia, just the facts, Jack. The Dems predicated the Civil War by their intransigence with respect to the slaves.  After the war, while talking a good game, they put off citizenship and voting rights for the blacks as long as they could.  They did not deliver on anything they promised the blacks and as a result drove many to the Communist Party in the 20s and 30s. [It bears mentioning that the Commies “befriended” the blacks but never really helped them. Think of it as a trial run for the Alinskyism of the past eight years.] The Dems fought against the various Civil Rights Acts while simultaneously keeping them in servitude in the ghettoes and projects and courting their votes by telling them how bad the Republicans are.  SMH.)

WWII came and went without integration and eventually there was integration and things were perfect in all branches of military and in civilian life.

Except for one thing:  It wasn’t.

But integration accelerated from 1948 on and soon schools, professional sports and other jobs, restaurants, buses, etc., were integrated.  Anti-miscegenation laws were struck down and today no one thinks twice of all the mixed race couples on television commercials and real life.

No, things are not perfect but they are the best they have ever been between “the races.”  Except for some inbred morons with a penchant for wearing bedclothes and moron poverty-pimps, race-baiters and “rap stars” who are too dim, too hateful to realize that Rodney King’s dream was coming true: we can all get along.

Yeah, sure, we Micks are still drunks (and today being Paddy’s Day, I resemble that remark), Wops are still all in the Mafia, Chinks do our laundry and are good at math (but not driving), Polacks are too stupid to know they are dumb, Jews are cheap and Muzzies are the religion of piece. (Intentional spelling.)

Of course no one nationality or religion have a monopoly on organized crime, accountancy, personal services, poor driving, intelligence levels or parsimony. The slurs were used purely as a dramatic device and if you are offended, I am sorry you are offended.

As for the drinking, we even we Micks are not at the top of the list, that honor belongs to the Estonians (I wonder why, it is a lovely place.) We lowly Micks are in 7th place, but we are trying harder (at least I am.)

As far as the Muzzie being the religion of piece (sic), we are actually getting within hailing distance of the nut of this little slice of heaven of a FISH.

Truly for most of us, we are no longer prejudiced (perhaps with the one exception) to any race, nationality, religion (except…), even gender and lifestyle.

I posit that the percentage of those who are truly prejudiced by their own volition are little more than a rounding error. And, not surprisingly, the younger generations have even less innate prejudices than Gen-X’ers and older generations.

They have grown up with multiculturalism, exposed to every possible prejudice and the fight against them in movies and television and the liberal schools taught that prejudice was bad.

Unless you are White, of European ancestry, a proud American or, ew, ew, ew, “Christian.”

Yeah, pretty much all of us fall into at least one of those categories (I scored 100%.)

While many of us were doing our best to get over prejudice the Liberals were busy making sure that the kids were learning an entire different set of prejudices.

Aw, heck, let’s call it what it is: Hate.

As we have discussed over the years and in great forensic detail last year, Liberalism is a mental defect.  (I am stopping short of calling it a disease as I am not a medical professional.)  One of the signs is also its greatest danger: Self-hate.  And as we all know, misery loves company and the powers that be have made institutional hate a gum’mint department.

Or, departments. (We will discuss this in greater detail as DJT dismantles or savagely downsizes some of those entities.)

If you want to have a Wican Club in school that is fine.  Bible Study?  No, no, no! The Constitution has a separation of Church and State! (No it does not but that does not stop teachers from teaching that and papers printing that.)

You want to study about European exploration of the New World? You will have to do that on your own. If you want to learn about how the Europeans brought disease and danger to the New World, and how horrible Europeans were to the natives, just open up a “history” book.  (Yet, the same Libs do not see the terrorist invasion now as the exact same thing, except without all the good the Europeans did.)

You want to have a hissy fit about which bathroom you can use, well, the school will make sure you can go where you please. If you take exception to having a boy it the girl’s room, well, you are a hater!

There are examples in virtually everything we do.  You get the point.


But where does this hate come from?  I mean, over the millennia we have “evolved” politically and internationally.  Look at WWI and/or WWII.  We fought with the Brits against Germany, Italy and Japan.  Today, all things considered, not just the UK but Germany, Japan and Italy are among our greatest allies.  I’d wager there is very little, if any at all, residual animus against our erstwhile enemies.


Well, we have to go back into the archives prolly seven or eight years back when I did the series on the various Clubs, as I call them.

(I do not know if I still have that series. If any of you do I would appreciate it if you can forward it to me.)

The “Clubs” are the TLC, CFR, Bilderbergs and the rest, basically the NWO types that wish to control the world.  In that series we talked about the early Clubs, some still extent, such as The Round Table, the Rhodes Scholars (do read up on what it takes to be one, who they are and their founder, Cecil Rhodes), the Fabian        Society and more.

One of the commonalities, other than world domination, is patience.  The Fabian “mascot” is a turtle, suggesting a slow but steady place.  But that mascot’s motto is “When I strike, I strike hard.”

A look at the names on the rosters of these organizations will reveal some chilling things.  There is a lot of cross-membership, allowing, say, the TLC to get their messages to the Bilderbergs and vice verse.  You will see heads of state, even former US Presidents, from all over the world.  The captains of industry of virtually every business are represented including virtually every media outlet be it print or over-the-air/cable.

This is where you will see Dick Cheney sitting in a meeting and breaking bread with George Soros.

So, as you can see, nothing to worry about, right?

George Soros…

We have all heard his name and he is universally despised.  Yet, despite everything we know about him there is far more we don’t.

I posit that he is nothing more than the bagman for the NWO clubs.  Much like Henry Kissinger, he came from obscurity to great power, largely accidentally.

He is the face of evil in the world. He is the “Emanuel Goldstein” to the “Big Brother”   of, say, David Rockefeller. Or is he merely “O’Brian”, or, more likely “Parsons?”

We have heard that Soros has funded over two-thousand various organizations whose only commonality is being anti-American.

Really, where does he find the time?

The “Big Brothers” are putting this together and they are funding or allowing Soros to fund these groups.

Look, the Libs can’t organize a proper rallies for the Hilderbeast, their heiress apparent, but we are supposed to believe that the anti-Trump riots the day after his Inauguration and the Million Nasty Women March recently?  (Oh, there WILL be a deconstruction of THAT tea party coming soon.)

It was reported that Soros funded the Nasty Women Marchs all over the globe to the tune of a quarter of a billion dollars.

Really, we are to believe that?

Recall what the FISH is all about:  The facts are out there somewhere, all too often we ignore them.  I am not saying anything I write is the only Gospel truth but I hope there is enough in these love letters for you to explore further.

So, do you think that ALL the gum’mints so assailed would simply allow these marches?  That they were all spontaneously spawned independent of each other? Yet, the funding came from the same person and we even know how much he spent?

Really? Which one is it? Spontaneously spawned or planned in advance?  Where did the money come from and how do we know that is the correct amount?

With everything we are told about all these protests and riots we can be sure of two things:  The SGRFM (Shadow Gum’mint Run Friendly Media) is lying to us about everything, then the lies change, and the force behind all these issues, be it the hate of DJT, to wanting Muzzies here, to gay “marriage”, to this sudden desire for kids wanting to use other bathrooms, to abortion, to you name it, all stem from the same place, the NWO Clubs.

Sure they are flexing their muscles here and there, but they know if they can bend the US, they can take over the world.

More to come, has to be.  Not enough space today to expatiate.

Read and question.


Last, Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  Enjoy the day, drink responsibly and do not drive if you have even one drink! It is a great day, strive to make it better! Slainte mo chairde!


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