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Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Petioners:

(I was going to send this out on Tuesday but the Muse slurred from her Glenlivet induced tirade: “Ya think there will be nothing else going on between now and then? In what kind of fantasyland do you live?  Send this out, I’ll give you another!  ‘Go whatever team is playing the Red Sawx!”’  Then, she passed out.  So…..with that said, slurred or whatever… the Saturday Edition)

We all get tons of emails.  Many of which have the best (or worst) intentions.  Some make perfect sense, others somewhat less cogent.

Additionally those of us on FB also get barraged with all kinds of folderol.  (And please feel free to contact me directly, my page is under my name and the current picture is that of the Capitol with a banner around the dome reading “Everything Must Go!”, or the The Daily Fish page, but that gets very little activity.)

The thing is to read things c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y before you act or pass them on.  Misinformation is the #1 cause of Liberalism.

A friend who is more center than I would ever be had posted that silly picture of the alleged pensions of the president and members of Congress over the alleged pay of soldier and alleged social security recipients income.

On the one hand, it is nice to see someone sticking up or the military and aged. But, not that the expense of a lie.  Or series of lies.  And what will happen is that some well-meaning person who is NOT a Liberal will read it, agree with the principle and forward or re-post it for others to get sucked in.

This is how misinformation spreads.  And the first one is free!

There is also one going around about a 28th Amendment which would subject all in Congress to any and every law they pass that affects We the People.

Great idea!  And so is cold fusion.  Both have about the same likelihood of success.

For the love of pete, Dingy Harry the ELF won’t even pass a CR that makes the requirement that all member of Congress sign up for OBAMASKARE.  Ya think he would say that a more reaching demand would be agreed upon?  (We shall return to the clusterfluke that once was a system of governing of what was a representative republic shortly.)

You see, things like the two examples above are victims of what is equivalent of the old game of telephone.  A simple premise is proposed, say, military pay or social security benefits.  Then some genius sees that an ex-president gets millions in perks.  Then they add the salaries of various positions in Congress, correct or not, you are not going to check.  Then some genius adds that every Congressman gets their salary for the rest of their life even if they serve one term or less.  (We know this is not true, we have already discussed it.)

Or, the 28th Amendment issue.  The plain text is fine and I do not think any REAL American would have any issue with it.  But one iteration of the proposal makes it sound like it is in the hands of the state governors to make it so.

Er, no.

The basic amendment process is fairly straightforward.  Each house must pass the Amendment under consideration by a two-thirds margin and then it has to be approved by three-quarters of the states in a specific period of time.  Other than a constitutional convention, there is no other way.

Which brings us to Biff.

More and more people want less and less of Biff until we do not have any of him ever again.


But it “ain’t a gonna happen”, at least not until the next election, with hope that there is one and that he has not decided to run again.

There are impeach demands all over the place.  The “Bridgers” put signs up on overpasses, there are emails and petitions and so on and so forth. Some true representatives of We the People have initiated bills in the House. (I hope one day to meet them and shake their hand.  Prolly in a gulag.)

And pigs will fly before even the first little bit of traction will occur.

I assure you there is about zero change Biff will be gone.  If the criminals in the Senate won’t pass a watered down version of a watered down bill, what make you think they will say “Gee, the people are angravated!  We better do something! Let’s convict our impeached leader!”

I assure you they do not give a big rat’s patoot what we think or what we want.

If you want an Amendment with some teeth, repeal the XVII which allowed the direct election of Senators. I assure you we would not have this clusterfluke now.  The Libs and Socialists have a majority in the Senate, but there are 30 Republican Governors (well, 29 and Krispie Kreme Christie) and 27 Republican controlled state legislatures.  If the Senators were chosen as before, things would be different.

I assure you, Dingy Harry the ELF would be either a tour guide in Searchlight, NV or in jail were the XVII Amendment in place.  There WOULD be no argument about a CR for funding, because there would be a budget. (Trick question: How many budgets has Biff signed?)  And, there would be no Biff.

(And it is no mystery that the XVII Amendment became law during the period of greatest gov’t malfeasance up until now.  Add that to the Fed, the theft of the election of 1912, Colonel House, the House of Morgan, The Russian Revolution, WWI and, connect the dots kids….. they are ALL related and done in that decade.)

You are not going to get Biff out, as I said, via impeachment, at least not with this cast of critters.  So, what can we do?

Get rid of this cast of critters.

While no member of Congress has ever been recalled, bear in mind that until 1903 no man had ever flown and it was not until 1969 that man stood on the moon.  Never say never!

Now, add to that there at only eighteen states that even allow a recall:  Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin.

In seven of those states, there are specific grounds under which and only under which, they may be recalled.  However, in Alaska, California, Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota and Oregon there are no limits as to why one can be recalled.

Of course, there are procedures involved, such as a petition, but that is not too hard.  (We have seen videos of people getting people to sign petitions to ban water, air, allow abortions at any time after the baby is born and so on.)

Feinstein, Boxer, Udall, Bennett, Landrieu, Levin, Stabenow, Reid, Menendez, Heitkamp, Wydnen and Merkly are the less than savory Senators from the no-fault states.

The House boasts such targets as Garamendi, Pelosi, Honda, Chu, Cardenas, Waxman, Waters, Sanchez, Dingell, Conyers, Palone and Holt who are up for grabs,

Now I picked these names based on my knowledge of their uselessness, treachery, treason, bias and bigotry, mental failure or some other disqualifying, and usually Liberal, trait.

Let’s not gloat prematurely but imagine a series of recalls and bear in mind that in some cases there is a simultaneous election, in others it is later on and in some case the governor can appoint a replacement.

(I apologize, if I thought about this, I would have created a Excel sheet with the states, MoC’s,  governors, recall process and method of succession, but this is just flowing into me as the Muse yells data and telemetry as I try to type this!)

Where was I, oh, yeah.  So just because there is a recall that does not mean you will win.  And if you win there is no guarantee that you will get your own guy or if you do that your guy is any good.

“So, Precious, why even bother!?”

Well, grasshopper, the laws of averages are ultimately on your side.  Even if hell freezes over and Bite-me Boxer, Frankenfeinstein and Nasty Pelosi are recalled (and better than even money two of them would go), and Moonbeam Brown could name a replacement (which he can’t, it is a simultaneous election in the land of fruits and nuts), you put the Three Witches of Macbeth not just out of a job but the seniority carousel starts anew.

In a perfect,  in a reasonable wor, in a world that was not on the brink of disaster, we would not have these kakistocrats allowed anywhere near Washington, District of Criminals

But it is not.

But we can do something.

The best outcome would be that petitions were started and run their various and sundry courses.  Some will fail, some will proper.  But even if a Nasty Pelosi survives a recall, she is damaged goods and prolly no longer the House Minority Leader and willful puppet for Biff.

If these recall elections can be spread out over time, that will keep the DNC and the West Wing at sixes and sevens at all times.  You see, with that much recalling going on, sooner or later some of the truth will leak out and the SRM might accidentally report it.

And, peradventure, ought it to continue for a while, one of two things will happen:  The entire Liberal house of cards will fall or the people will be sick of the Right doing the Right thing and have voter backlash in ’14.  (Of course, there is option three: Biff announces martial law and lets loose the hounds, aka his private militia, and it is good night Irene!)

Food for thought, think it over, leave your thoughts on the website. (Just scroll to the bottom to register, quicker than OBAMASKARE)

And I promise, no references to poll dancing this issue!


(Inside joke)


One thought on ““Recall This…”

  1. roslynja says:

    Recall of two weasels in CO. Legislature recently is an example of what can be done by right thinking people. Udall and Bennett ought to be nervous but hubris in the demorats precludes this.
    One can only pray there is sufficient rage at the grassroots level to encourage more such righteous events.

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