“You Can’t Make This Up!”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19

My Friends and Fellows:

Where to start.  Really, where to start.

Let’s start with Captain Obvious, or, more accurately, Captain Oblivious.  Perhaps the dumbest White man in Congress Democrat Rep. Lloyd Doggertt  referring  to the paying of federal employees while there is a presidential gov’t shutdown said: “Of all the bizarre moments this well may be the most bizarre: that we will pay people not to work.” 

Of course he blames the Tea Party.  I guess the Liberals could not blame Bush for this one.

Excuse me for thinking clearly but isn’t paying people not to work one of the planks of the Democrat platform?  Ever since the Liberal President, LBJ, institutionalized welfare all succeeding Democrat administrations and even a few Republican did their best to keep the poor that way.  This way by the state providing shelter, food, medical care and all the rest the party in power was all but guaranteed more votes.  This administration has raised that to an art form with more people getting assistance than ever before.

 Statistically, a family receiving assistance has more disposable income than the average American family of 4 making $60,000.  How is that fair?

 I recommend to the representative from Texas to do a little homework before he shoots his mouth off.  Or, like the OBAMACARE, do we have to pass this bill to see what is in it?

 This, at least, was in the paper, such as it is.  What is NOT in the paper is the blowback from the Libertards who were so fluking eager to sign up for OBAMASKARE that when the 0.55% of them ACTUALLY got to sign up found out that, gasp, their rates went up, dramatically.

I will post the entire article below but on Biff supporter had the gonadature to say “Of course, I want people to have health care. I just didn’t realize I would be the one who was going to pay for this personally.”

If they give out a Nobel Price for Asshatedness I propose Cindy Vinson (it is her quote above) from the San Francisco area.                        

The SRM have been v-e-w-y b-u-s-y NOT reporting the criminality of this Maladministration.   Yes, I call it criminality.  When one HURTS an innocent party, that is a crime.  This Maladministration has made it their goal to be as punitive as possible.

How DARE anyone, yet the alleged “president” CLOSE an open air memorial such as the WWII Memorial, KNOWING full well there are “Honor Flights” going on?

What is an “Honor Flight?

That is a paid for by private funds plane trip to Washington District of Criminals for WWII Vets to have, perhaps, one last chance to hang out with their, fewer by the day, contemporaries.

What kind of sick person does this?

The same one who graduated the barriers from gates to fences to barbed-freaking-wire to keep our heroes out!

AH-in-chief was prolly not aware that NORMANDY was closed as well.

He tried that at the Nam Wall.  Same results, we are not impressed.

I am half shocked that this petulant hateful little girl (well, that is how he acts) did not fill in the Grand Canyon, put a cover over Mt. Rushmore, cut down the Sequoias for kindling, close the ocean just because….

Huh? What?  REALLY?  Huh? C’mon…

The Muse, having quaffed the last of my good whiskey and is now sipping some lighter fluid, advised that Biff, did in fact, closed part of the ocean.

How? Lord knows. Why? I refer you to the description above.

He closed the VA for new claims and other services, but food stamps, WIC, Section 8 housing and so on, left alone.

Oh, while we are dissing the military, you do not have to be a Vet to incur the wrath of this dictator.  (Said it.  Turn me in, Lars.  After you can tell me it is not true.)  Biffus Magnus decided that the troops hither and yon do not need to see Sunday football, or the MLB playoffs.  So, as if by magic, it is turned off. BUT!!! They are going to turn in on again, but they say it might take a few days.

So, how long did take to turn it off?  How long will it take to turn it back on?

You DO realize that it costs MORE to close something that is out in the open, such as the WWII and Nam Wall Memorials than to leave them alone? Right?  You DO realize this is an ATTACK on We the People!  You DO realize that a loving, heck, even a POS president would never do things like this, but a dictator does.

I am not sayin’, I am just sayin’.

(And recall, I called him a Marxist years ago, and many of you laughed…)

Federal Amber alerts were closed down but Mooch747’s so-very-important “drink a lot of water” and whatever that boogie thing she is doing to get kids to exercise websites were NOT shut down.

On the other side, the religious equation.  Catholic Priests who volunteered to say Mass or perform Baptisms were threatened with ARREST if they said Mass or performed a sacrament because, because, because they are paid to say Mass.  And the fact that they volunteered to say Mass for free was unacceptable because the gov’t was shut down.  (As if we STILL had a 1st Amendment!)

Except that the gov’t employees WILL get paid for not working and the only things that are affecting the population are those things important to Americans. REAL Americans, not Liberals, not Socialists, not Enemies of We the People.

But if a Catholic priest wants to say Mass, HE will be arrested.

And all this comes from Biff and Dingy Harry the ELF is his evil little accomplice.  You see, Biff will bitch and moan about everything, including the actions if Dingy Harry the ELF, even though Dingy is carrying out his wishes and water. 

(Just in case you thought the moral venality was limited to our Country, his Biffness has closed down US Cemeteries overseas.)

He is waiting. He is patient.  He is tone deaf and he does not care. Vets will wait, the Memorials will be closed but his golf courses are open.

He said that he has “bent over backwards to work a deal with the Republicans and has toned down his rhetoric” all the while telling the Republican he will NOT negotiate and he caterwauls like a stuck pig.

Now, go out and find your friends who voted for this fraud and possible criminal. Demand of them a reason WHY thy think all this is good.  Remind them as often as you can that THEY voted for him therefore THEY are just as guilty.

My friends, it is crunch time now. It is working.  Even Smoking Johnny has appeared to have found Jesus at least for the moment. LEAN HARD on all of your MOCs, be they black hat or white.  Do not let up the pressure, that is the only reason why some are doing the right thing.

(For the record, and I have made it perfectly clear to him, I am disgusted with my friend Pete King.  And I will remain that way until he sees the light.)

No pole dancers were harmed in the writing of this epistle.


2 thoughts on ““You Can’t Make This Up!”

  1. Roslyn Atwood says:

    This “shut down” is more stunning day by day. Closing open ocean now in FLA. Posting rangers to enforce it, no boat captains allowed to take folks into the open Ocean during the the shutdown. IT IS THE MOST PATHETICALLY PETULANT PISSING CONTEST in our history, & so obviously a nasty knee jerk retaliation on the part of this cabal & the entire biffidus magnus regime. And if the repubs do not get out there & loudly proclaim the truth of it We The People will lose they cannot now cower or all is lost. Writing to my AZ reps etc now to tell them stand up or get out next election. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH Afraid to take my BP………………. Love Roslyn PS Billy Graham in his latest interview says in view of the SOTU & the world he believes Jesus return is near………. Sent from my iPad

  2. John Croix says:

    Lets see, Catholics have challenged Biff on Obamacare – so punish them with no Mass at the chapel so that’s a toofer Catholics and the military. Biff don’t like the founding fathers because they gave us that problematic constitution so lets shut down the liberty bell and George Washington’s house, and the Jefferson Memorial, and all the other memorials on the mall (another toofer military vets and the founding fathers), people on vacation are obviously not paying attention to this terrible shutdown and they have way too much money so shut down all the national parks and don’t forget to put cones in the highway pull offs so they can’t stop and take pictures either. Don’t send out the death benefit checks to servicemen who die in service to our country, wow another hit to the military ….
    I could go on for an hour but who knows what President “stompy feet” will dream up next to punish someone who he doesn’t like.

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