“There IS a Storm A’Brewin'”

 “Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

 “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellows 3-Card Monte Victims:

I will admit that I am not the sharpest fish in the book.  There are some things which for some reason are unfathomable for me to understand.  There are times with I can look at something or a problem and have no earthy idea what to do next.  Almost like that old joke: “If you want to keep him amused for hours, show him two shovels and ask him to take his pick.”

Then, like an idiot savant, there are some things which are just as crystal clear to me as if they are in plaintext which are less obvious to others.

And to be fair, I do not think I am not that different from all y’all.  I mean, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. But even the most jaded of us, the most needy of us, either now or from back in the day, know when someone is lying to us.  As said Bob Dylan: “You don’t have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows” (And if you ARE a Weatherman, like Bill Ayres….)

We are unfairly burdened by and yoked to a “president” who is as familiar with the truth as Midnight the Wonderdog is with the “Schrodinger Cat Paradox.”

Or, is he? (Biff, not Middy.)

Truly, he is either pathological or a sociopath.  Or both.

With respect to the machinations of both houses of Congress regarding the continuing resolution there were two common themes advanced by Biff.

First up, the House passed a bill that encompassed everything but funding for OBAMASKARE.  This was defeated in Dingy Harry the ELF’s Senate along party lines.  As was the second, third and fourth iteration of the CR.

In fact, this bill was SO watered down at this point that the ONLY difference between the CR as presented and the most recent version is that Congress would not be exempted from OBAMASKARE.  Even THAT was unacceptable to the Socialists.

 But, this pathetic little person had the gonadature to go out there and lie that “The Republicans are being inflexible!  They want 100% of their way!”

Hello?  The Republicrats have given the Socialists 99.99% of what they want, holding back only Congress agreeing to the same law as everyone else is supposed to, and they are still adamantine in their intransigence.

Add to this Little Biff’s Mussolini-like leading with his jaw saying that he refuses to negotiate with the Republicrats. And he repeated that mantra again and again.

And each and every time he said that, were he to be a certain wooden boy, his nose would grow.

Now, this not the first time there has been a gov’t “shut down”.  In fact it is not the second, fifth, or even tenth time but the eighteenth time since the 70’s. 

Now, mind you very few of the shut downs got to this point.  And in every case but the current one, the President met with, sat with, and negotiated honestly with the Congress.

But not this president.  HE says HE won’t negotiate.  And Sideshow Carney repeats the mantra, the SRM, for the greater part, spread the verbal fertilizer, and We the Sheeple and some dimbulbs in Congress believe it!  (And Ray, I got the point! I am on your side!)

((The above  was written before both sides pretended to negotiate.))

I say for the greater part as the SRM are starting to feel the pressure of We the People.  The NYT is backing off ever so slightly. I think it was NEWSWEEK what has the caption “Hit the road. Barack” on their latest cover.  And even if it means he should go jogging, it sends an interesting message. 

Add to that the horrible Andrea Mitchell was mercilessly drilled by Rep. Sean Duffy of Wisconsin.  She was repeating the mantra of “OBAMASKARE was passed by Congress, upheld by the Supreme Court and signed by the president.”  By the time Duffy was done with here, her apologia must have felt like a pound of sick in her mouth.

(SIDEBAR:  Other than being everestally angravated at the stooges of the SRM mouthing back the words inculcated upon them by the West Wing the only thing more distressing is the idea itself, that OBAMASKARE was done according to Hoyle.  First off, OBAMASKARE was NOT voted upon, per se.  It was a canard, a sham and a machination as part of a spending bill what got passed.  As far as being upheld by SCOTUS, if that is the case, then Dred Scott must remain affirmed and the 13th and 14th Amendments must be re-cast. As far as his signature is concerned, c’mon, a signature is like one’s word, this one is worthless.)

But there are two issues, one we can do something about the other not so much so, and perhaps they actually overlap.

There are three factions at war here: the Socialists (which is the entire Democrat party), the Republicrats (which are the majority of Republicans) and the Conservatives (and you can include the tea party if you wish.)

The issue is that no one likes any of these factions.  Biff’s rating is at an all time low and sinking, EVERYONE hates Congress of both parties with their rating lower than Dingy Harry the ELFs’ IQ, in the single digits and the Republicrats hate the Conservatives.

How do I know?  Look and listen and see who is not talking. 

When the Reps are on to something, here comes Dingy Harry the ELF, Nasty Pelosi, Sen. Chuck Schemer or others “offering” “suggestions” on how the Republicrats can improve their positions.

With those mutts keeping their pie holes shut that can only mean that they are going to sit back and watch the internecine combat.

(OPENBAR:  there are emails going around of “hate lists” of “Republicans” of all stripes.  They ask you to hate this bunch because they won’t vote for the shutdown, others because they support a temporary debt ceiling hike, some don’t like some of the MOC’s position illegal immigrants, there is a list inviting you to hate this guy or gal for this or that.  TRUST ME AND LISTEN GOOD. IF you wrote done every name included on every list, there would not be anyone left. So, do ya think there just may be some socialists out there circulating emails or petitions in order to divide and conquer?  Or, to sow discontent with your current Republicrat?   PERSPECTIVE:  I am pissed at my Congressman Pete King over his reluctance to vote correctly on the CR.  PISSED I tell you.  But, not that there is a Socialist at the moment that can beat him, it could happen.   And I’d druther have a half-hearted man representing me than some full-blown socialist.  If you are in the same situation, be very aware of your guy and who may run against them next year.) (But, I’d far rather have a true Originalist or Constitutionalist, if you will.)

The second part and it segues to the above and the OPENBAR: Our pressure on  or our support for our individual MOC’s as well as others who are true sons of liberty is having the desired effect.

Look at Gowdy from South Carolina, Duffy form Wisconsin, Cruz from Texas and others.  These dudes are powerful, they are emboldened, they have the will to fight whatever Biff sends down the pike.  They destroy their opponents and now that WE the Sheeple are taking notice, FINALLY the SRM is giving if not just feint lip-service, they are having a harder time crucifying these guys because more and more people are learning the truth.

And the truth will what???

There is more to come on all of this.  Biff & Co. wanted to swing their stuff around and assumed we would just get out of the way.  They were not counting on a reckoning.

It is going to get ugly my friends, how much so depends not on what he thinks he can get away with but on what We the People will do to stop his madness

Out for now.  Time for this Mick to get ready to run an event tonight.  That is right, it is time for “Italian Night” and who better to run it than an Oirisher! After the famines of 1840’s we do not like to go hungry…. And we don’t like to be yoked to an unfair master. Slainte, Gomba!)


8 thoughts on ““There IS a Storm A’Brewin'”

  1. John Croix says:

    “I think it was NEWSWEEK what has the caption “Hit the road. Barack” on their latest cover. And even if it means he should go jogging, it sends an interesting message. ”
    I believe they probably ment he should go make some more campaign stops

  2. John Croix says:

    ““OBAMASKARE was passed by Congress, upheld by the Supreme Court and signed by the president.”
    So was slavery and prohibition but they were changed. The direct election of senators was once unlawful also, but I guess if it’s a libtard law it can never be repealed.
    And now we have the a$$hat Ryan proposing to make Obamacare inviolate. I hope Oklahoma can get their lawsuit upheld through the courts and cut the heart out of this absurdity

    • jaksavin says:

      That was the point in my mentioning Dred Scot which upheld slaves as property. (And NEVER FORGET, we Oirish were the first slaves. I am outraged!) And we need to repeal the, I think, XVII Amendment. If we had the states appointing Senartors, Dingy Harry the ELF would be a dust salesman in Seachlight NV and Biff will still be orgsanizing communnities in Chitown. I do not get what Ryan is trying to pull

  3. John Croix says:

    “there are emails going around of “hate lists” of “Republicans” of all stripes”

    Have you seen the poll where they asked “If there were a button to push to vote out every member of congress, including yours, would you push it”

    63% said they would

    • jaksavin says:

      I’d LEAN on the button!!!! And as you know my C-man is a personal friend and I would make the sacrifice as it would get rid of Schemer and Asst Sen Jelllobrand from NY as well…. good trade say I

  4. John Croix says:

    PS the clock on your comment screen must be set to GMT since I’m posting at 9:34 central

    • jaksavin says:

      Hmmm. so it is…. however, that is Zulu time and that is useful. On a diff sub. A friend arrived at our house for dinner last night strsight form Sydney. He landed at 1700 local time Friday but he left his house 1100 local time Sydney. When he retunrs, he leaves LA on a Friday morning arriving Sydney Sunday evening. Oh, well…

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