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Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Goldfish:

Before I go any further, and I have a sneaky suspicion that this is going to be the beginning of a continuous dialog for the foreseeable (ha-ha) future.  So, if you want your kids, neighbors, cow-orkers, people you like or even people you don’t like and want to sign them up, best get them on the stick.  You won’t want to come into the middle of this movie…

Ok, whew, that said I am going to start with a soupcon of humor, it may be the last for some time.  And, no more pole-dancer references!  Opps! 

You may have heard that Liberal D-nozzle Bob Costas spouting off again about the racist and nativist overtones of the Washington “Redskins.”

Well, the execs of that football team have had enough of this nonsense and decided to change the name of the team.  Going forward, the team will be called “The Redskins.”  The owners have dropped the word “Washington” as the found that word embarrassing.

OK, fun time is over.

As you know, because I seem to mention it at least once a month, you need to read between the lines, you need to connect the dots.  You need to keep your eye on the ball to see if the team dropped it.

Case in point:  The US (whoever the heck they are anymore) collected one Abu Anas Al Libi.  This POS, and prolly Democrat voter, was involved in a number of nasty bits of bidness.

He is connected to the embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania and may have had something to do with the murders and mayhem in Benghazi.  But, heck, that was a long time ago, what difference does it make?  Right, Your Thighness?  (I have this schadenfreude about the Evil Mistress of Marxism running in 2016.  I will explain this eventually.  Like I said, we are going to be here for a while.)

Here is where that gets tricky.

Al (can we call him Al? Easy to type, ya know.) was taken into “custody” under the laws of warfare. Allegedly he is now in New York and I would guess he is cooling his heels across the street from the Federal Court at Foley Square.

“But, precious, I hate to say it, but, what difference does it make?”

Well, grasshopper, if he was taken into custody as an enemy combatant, not as a “criminal.”   As a result, he is subject to the Geneva Convention and the UCMJ.

In other words, he belongs in GITMO.

Now, hark back when they wanted to bring KSM and other assorted piles of elk offal and there was a big brouhaha by many and I was screaming NO!!!!!! from the rooftops.


Let me remind you, IF some POS is allowed on US soil, they are afforded all the benefits of a citizen, such as being tried under the United States Code.  In other words, he is tried, treated and coddled like a citizen.  And the standard for conviction is far tougher in a civilian court than a military one…

And THAT is when alleged AG Stedman perjured himself by saying that he authorized the transfer of KSM et al to NYC.  Fortunately that did not happen.  You see, then ALL of the terrorists in GITMO would be allowed to come to NYC.  Once the veil is ripped, all bets are off.

Now, one might think that it will be a slam dunk, we can put all the tangos away with the evidence we have.

Er, sure, of course we can!  And electric cars do not pollute the air!  (Except that they pollute MORE as they really run on coal.)

In a civil case, both sides have the same access to all of the evidence.  Quite frankly, the DoJ is not all that interested in the list of datable goats in Yemen.  (Or maybe they are.)

But the lawyers for the tangos, be they the jags from the JAG office or the “well meaning” American hating ultra-Liberal Ron Kuby types of terrorist defenders.  (And it they run short of lawyers I am sure Stedman’s old law firm of Covington and Burling would be happy to provide some representation, as they have before.)

So what is the big deal?

Well there are two types of evidence: that which establishes guilt and that which is exculpatory.

And the deal is that both sides have access to all the evidence.  ESPECIALLY the defense with respect to anything which may be exculpatory. 

And how does one (the defense) know if one (the prosecution) has anything to let their guy off?

They get to look at it.  ALL of it.  Well, all of it that they are “cleared” to see.  (Are you reading ahead yet?)  You see, they must have the proper security clearance to see certain papers.

Which provides the basis for appeals… and it also allows the gummint to “tip off” the enemy about certain intel we have, how we got it, who is playing both sides of the street on their side, and so on.  You know all the stuff that is in Article III, Section, 3…

But, I digress.

Fast forward from those ugly days to these ugly days.

Under our noses, Biff (when I say Biff, feel free to add “…and Valerie Jarrett) let Al slip onto our shores and thusly has opened the flood gates for other tangos to be shipped up to our shores and afforded the same kind of legal protection as are we but a kind of legal representation that I am fairly sure few of us can afford. 

(NOTE TO MY FRIEND JOHN.  Counselor, is all that I have lain out above accurate?  And will you take my case pro bono when they come for me?)

So, should we just write this off as a coincidence? (We all know how I feel about those.)  Was this or something similar in the works as a back-up plan when the KSM fiasco went down in flames?

My friends, remember, these a’clowns are in no hurry to take over the globe.  Sure, they would like it done as far back as when the Dead Sea was only the “Feeling Not So Great Sea.”  But they will wait and wait they will.   After all, the mascot is a turtle.  Our job is to make them tired of waiting.  And there will be more on that towards the end if this series if this stays on track.  (Stop laughing.)

I was going to dovetail this with something else which seems too, how does one say, “coincidental.”  But I you will have to wait till the next issue that I will start in exactly one very large glass of whisky.


2 thoughts on ““1 of…”

  1. John Croix says:

    Will your rep King be leading the charge to send Al to Gitmo?

    • jaksavin says:

      Good question John. Having been the Homeland Sec Cmtte Chaor for years and still on the Intel Cmttem, I would like to think he had out security as a high priority. Adter his relentless attacks on Cruz, I have no idea what he thinks any more. He needs to PAY ATTENTION to his constituents, especially THIS ONE!

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