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Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Goldfish:

As I just finished the last issue a few minutes ago real time, or two days since that issue was sent, recall that I admonished you to read between the lines. 

What is not being reported?  What is going on that the SRM is not telling us?

Well, a lot.

They did not report the big rigs that descended on DC wreaking havoc on the roads. 

There was scant attention paid to the closings of the national parks and memorials.

There were CERTIANLY no reports about the WWII Memorial being closed. Ditto the Vietnam Wall.  And so on. 

And I did not see any reports on the SRM that questioned why it cost FAR more money to make sure an open area was, well, closed. Why the gov’t spent prolly millions a day making it as difficult as possible to stand right out in the open.

I can see closing the doors of the Library of Congress, turning off the lights and sending people home to save some cash.  But to set up barricades and have state troopers and other cops standing by so that people could not pull off on the shoulder of the road, as they have for decades, to take a gander at Mount Rushmore!  I am surprised that petty little tyrant did not cover it with large sheets.  You know, for our own good.

And the capper came over the weekend.   With the memorials shut down and barricaded, some brave Vets said “Bravo Sierra!” and took down the barricades and carried them to the Whi’te House and deposited them there.

And being the bold and decisive “leader” that he is, a few minutes later allegedly Marine 1 took off from the Wh’ite House with Biff strapped in and prolly cowering.

Meanwhile, back on the mall there was the fiesta for the illegal aliens, normally a great occasion for the SRM.   They usually highlight these fine folks who broke the law by breaking into our Country and are now the bestest little brown folks in the world! Well, it turned out that they were not so bestest from a citizenry standpoint.

There was a little tricky, after all the Mall and all memorials were shut up.  But the illegals were allowed to have a big-assed party and gathering and speeches and so on.  And over 200 of these cute little criminals were arrested.  And with them eight members of the House of Representatives.  And not for anything, technically, the los illegals have no standing in Congress. 

But back up.  No, not to the point where Biff sent the state coppers to close down a hotel on gov’t property, NOT a property that COSTS money but one that PAYS money.  (Sounds about right, huh?)

You see there is one other thing that the SRM is not reporting and oddly enough, it is something we have all seen over and over again in the SRM, but I am sure it is an oversight.

If this shut down was a “spontaneous” reaction by Congress (and when I say “Congress” in this case I mean Biff and Jarrett), ask yourself, “what was the one thing that was common to all of the sites that was in the SRM.”

Think about it.  Think of the one thing that was seen at EVERY closing.

Here is a hint: “Because of the federal government shutdown, this National Park Service facility is closed.”

Yes!  These very words neatly printed with those words, the NPS logo and all on high quality paper stock, most were laminated and they appeared OVERNIGHT! 

Not a few for Washington DC, but THOUSANDS for VERY NPS facility in the Country.

What are the odds that every manager of a NPS facility got a midnight phone call telling them to close their park the following morning and they crafted the same sign, all went to the local Kinko’s and had the same, laminated sign made?

The NY Mets have a better chance of winning the Superbowl (yes, I know…) than that bit of a nationwide spontaneous idea occurring.

My friends, within HOURS of the Democrats AGAIN rejecting a more than fair and reasonable CV, there are matching signs put up all over our Country?


If this gov’t is THAT efficient that it can get thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of signs made up and delivered within hours, then they are certainly efficient enough to figger out how to cure all of our ills.

Because the other possibility is, well, criminal.

The other possibility is that weeks or even months in advance these signs were made and staged ready to be sent off to the various locations.  And said packages were sitting in the various  Ranger Smith’s offices with some kind of official seal with some kind of warning not to open package under pain of being hand-cuffed to SheJack for a month.

Now, let that sink it.  Which scenario is more plausible: The one where there was a spontaneous genesis of an idea of the EXACT same sign that was the EXACT same size, with the EXACT same words?  You know, an early Halloween Miracle!

 Or, the one that the spending of prolly millions of dollars to make the signs, ship them, create some kind of failsafe to bar against prying eyes created and had in place the day the West Wing decided to shut the gov’t things that We the People ACTUALLY like.

When you hear some pissant of the worst kind of, I am assuming, “human” in the decrepit form of Dingy Harry the ELF begging, pleading for the big bad Republicrats to just bend over and take it like a man, you know, for the kids, the beautiful kids and he had the gonadature to say “it almost brings a tear to your eye.”

Which it would if this rusted tinman had a heart.

Because just the previous week he was basically telling kids with cancer that they might want to have CHRISTmas in October, if you get my drift.

And, the SRM does not mention any of this.

Remember how I said it was worse than you ever imagined?  And that was years ago!  And it is getting worse.  Just looking at this, do you need more proof that this is a premeditated crime, that this is an attack on our rights and sovereignty?  After all, We the People ARE the gov’t, we OWN the memorials, parks and so on.

If I had my trust tin-foil hat on I might go a step further and suggest that the snafu at Wal-Mart where people with EBT cards found out that they were queen for a day and had no limit on their cards was artificially created. 

Did they buy responsibly?  Did they alert the offices that distribute the cards?  Hell no, they loaded up as many carts as they could with, at this point in time, alleged stolen merchandise…then COMPLAINED when the problem was “fixed.”

(And I would hope that everyone who went over their limit – of our money –  is either: 1) prosecuted as they KNEW it was not theirs to spend. 2) are permanently relived of their EBT card and other entitlements and 3) are compelled to repay the overage.  And you know what will happen?  Nothing.)

Now, on the other side of that equation was the “routine maintenance” of the, what a coincidence, EBT server for seventeen states.

Yup, people shopped and took their baskets full of food to the check out only to find that their EBT cards could not be processed.  There was some yelling and screaming but in the end, the people left their carts where they were and left the store if they did not have enough cash to make their purchases.

So, on the one hand, you have EBT cards giving literally carte blanche and people glommed on to as much as they could get. (There are pictures of pick-em up trucks LOADED with goods.)  On the other hand, you have people trying to buy food only to be told their EBT cards were not working.

Now, I am not sayin’, I am just sayin’.  In all these years, to my knowledge there has never been a widespread crash of the EBT program before. 

Now almost simultaneously you have an area where there are no limits on the cards and a state away, the cards are shut off.

What are the odds?

I mean, it could not possibly have been a dry run to see which group would react worse: the ones getting free stuff or those who can’t buy food.

Nah, that would NEVER happen, right?

Oh, BTW, if they can turn off your EBT card, they can turn off your credit card.


More to come….



One thought on ““2 of…”

  1. Roslyn says:

    I noticed the proliferation of simultaneous identical signs- seemed a bit fishy & when you elaborate on it here, I KNOW it was all planned in advance by the criminal cabal currently running our Nation[into the ground!]
    Now what??

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