“Back in Black… Again”

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“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19

My Friends and Fellow Goldenretrievers:

(FIRST OFF….  I have been in communication with my friend CSM William Bennett, chilling out in beautiful, downtown Afghanistan.  He thanks all for the generosity shown to him and his troops as he has received some stuff from us already.  He does ask that you PLEASE put your name and address INSIDE the package somewhere as he wishes to thank you all individually.  His address is at the end of this missive.  BTW, he particularly enjoys Partigas Maduro and Partigas #10 Cigars.  [If you wish to send those, contact me and I will direct you to the company I use that sends cigars to such places.] Thank you for your generosity.  And Thanksgiving is next week….)

I had hoped against hope that I had written the last issue on race or more accurately, racism.  Or, to use the pluperfect, to have been finished with institutional race baiting.

When Biff was first running every Liberal, and his or her cat, thought it was the greatest thing in the world that a “black” “man” was running for the Big Chair. 

Of course, like all good Libs they either did not do their homework on this sharp or ignored whatever little bit which was said, prolly accurately, against him.  But their ignorance of the facts did not sway their demands that we vote for Biff, BECAUSE he is allegedly black.

Of course, these minds of much were oblivious to the fact that their voting for someone because of their skin tone, in this case, is exactly the same as voting against someone for the same reason.

Unless you are a Liberal then facts, as Uncle Si might say, are “superstitions.” And facts get in the way of their racism and prejudices.

But we have come full circle in the past half-dozen years or so.  We have gone from the Left demanding that we vote for Biff because he is black (I mean you could not possible vote for him based on his record), to his being the smartest man of all times, and he has the Midas touch for making everything right to screwing everything up but blaming the Right and in particular Geo W for the mess Biff created to some (and in a greater  surprise, even some in the media) of the Left admitting that Biff canNOT walk on water or tie his own shoelaces to admitting to what we all have been saying all these years that he is not only a Marxist and dishonest about his past but pathological with respect to the truth to admitting that OBAMA’S OBAMACARE is a sham, a fraud, a canard and patently unworkable right back to racist.


Fifty years ago today, JFK was assassinated.  I am sure that all of us cogent on that day can recall it with great detail.  But before JFK was elected there was a great deal of concern and dare I say prejudice. 

JFK was, like your Precious is, an Irish-American Roman Catholic.  (Hyphen employed for purpose of illustration only.  I am an American, of if I must, Legal-Extra-American-American.) 

Big deal?  Back then it was!  We were about the same half-century away from signs in shops reading “Catholics Need Not Apply” or “No Irish.”  There were KKK members and officers in both Houses of the Brothel and there was a KKK member on the SCOTUS, Hugo Black.

You see, Jack’s dad, Joe, was a dirtbag, philanderer, a bootlegger and more.  In other words, he could fit in with the politicians of the day, then and now.  And he had the money to buy the election for Jack.  But, for some reason, some liked the unlikable Nixon and the Republicans played dirty for the last time. 

They claimed that if JFK was elected President that the Pope would come to our Country and rule it.  Of course, none of that was true.  First of all, the Kennedy’s were nominal Catholics at best. Second Pope John XXIII was not at all interested in America let alone running the Country as he was very busy with Vatican II.  (PLEASE do not get me started on that!)

So, the calls for voting against Kennedy because he was a Catholic are analogous to being told to vote for Biff because he is part black.

(SIDEBAR ALTAR RAIL:  The difference between the putative differences, prejudice-wise, is that JFK never demeaned any part of his heritage.  Additionally he never treated Catholics any different than anyone else and, to my knowledge, never leveraged his Catholicity for his or anyone’s benefit. Biff, on the other hand, is racist, disliked the White part of his make-up and identified with his blackness and just take a look at all the “qualified” people he put into position or to whom he gives “no bid” contracts.)

The only difference is, like him or not, Kennedy did a pretty good job and was far more Conservative than history pretends.  It was that utter disaster A’hat LBJ and JFK’s patriotically deficient brothers who have sullied his memory.

Biff on the other hand, has screwed the pooch so many times, has blamed everyone but himself and is still (and only) in his own mind the greatest president ever.

But, it is far too late for the rank and file Libs to go back to calling We the People “racists.”  Even many of them are disabused by this guy’s policies, especially since they are the “other people” who have to pay for that clusterfluke known as OBAMA’S OBAMACARE.

So, how do they deflect and diffuse We the Peoples, and now some of the media’s, attention from that which Biff hath wrought?

Institutional and corporate racism.

Yup. The Left have underestimated by orders of magnitude the intelligence of the Right and they are still reading PEOPLE magazine from the 80s and 90s.  And what are they doing?  They are rolling out (literally) the closeted lesbian, one-time Rev Wright “disciple”, big, fat racist Oprah Winfrey.

Ahhhhh…, po po po Oprah!  Her be black an all y’all!  Her be o-pressed by the White Man! This walking couch, who is worth almost THREE BILLION DOLLARS, is claiming that y’all are racist crackers.  Even if youse bees black.  (Sorry, she plays the poor black card, here is how the old poor blacks are stereotyped.)

In her addled mind, the only (or, “onlyest”, south of the Mason-Dixon Line) reason people do not love Biff is because he is black.

(And If that were to be true, we would detest him twice as much if he was 100% black….  Did she ever think we like his black side and detest his White side?  No!  That is because she is racist.  Black, White, Red, Yellow or Green, we do not like him because of his Marxist views and amoral life.  Just sayin’.)

The fact that he is racist, pro-Muslim, Anti-CHRISTian, Anti-American, is unfamiliar with the truth, less familiar than that with personal responsibility, socially tone-deaf, has made one major mistake after another and now has perpetrated the biggest con and fraud of all time, OBAMA’S OBAMACARE (He does not want his name associated with his personal Frankenstein.  Fine, I will use it twice.) has nothing to do with it, per St. Oprah.

Let’s investigate the bona fides of St. Oprah.  (And we will not speculate on her personal life.)  I am not sure of exactly what her particular talent is, where one finds her attraction and what validates her longevity. I am pretty sure that this black billionairess would not have 90%, 95% or maybe ANY of her wealth were it not for the White Wimmens what watched her show, supported her sponsors and bought whatever kind of grot and pelosi she flogged on her show.

So, how does this paragon of virtue and of all things of lightness and grace come to be such an expert on things racial? Let’s have us a look see…

In an interview on the BBC, she said “Of course the problem [of racism] is not solved. … As long as there are people who still— there’s a whole generation — I say this, you know, I said this, you know, for apartheid, South Africa, I said this for my own, you know, for my own community in the South — there are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die.”

In case you missed her tenor, she is referring to old White people.  What?  You think that there are black people who fit that description?  I am sure there are, but those are not the people St. Oprah is talking about.

Sooooooo….  When she talks about racism it is only the White people she wants dead.  Apparently the blacks are cool.

But St. Oprah is not finished yet. She had to add:  “…I think that there is a level of disrespect for the office that occurs. And that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he is African American. There’s no question about that and it’s the kind of thing nobody ever says but everybody’s thinking it.”

No, you stupid, racist woman and do not DARE conflate fact with your fantasy.  (Perhaps her talent is reading minds. LOL)

I do not think the most disgusted of us have any LESS disrespect for the OFFICE of the Presidency.  But more and more of us have less use for, less trust in and less respect for the person occupying that office.

I could go on, but why bother. I will suggest that if there is anything I said untrue about St. Oprah, she is free to sue me. I fact, I demand she does.  If she does not, well, that proves m case.

So what does this president do to some racist woman who disparages all Whites as  anyone who demeans and “disrespects“ this guy but suggesting race had ANYTHING to do with his being elected?

Yes, she gets a medal.

St. Oprah, noted philanderer and thusfar unindicted sexual aggressor B.J. Clinton and fourteen others were awarded the “Presidential Medal of Freedom.”  “Mr. Cub”, Ernie Banks, prolly the best baseball player in history never to win a World Series was also honored.  After nineteen years with the Cubs, again this poor guy gets stuck some losers.

While I am canNOT adequately quantify all the good that St. Oprah and B.J. have done compared to the bad, the only thing which comes to mind that even with all their negative activity, it still does give any justification to Biff’s so-called “Nobel Peace Prize.”

Sorry, I had to write this and sorrier still that I think we may return to this topic again….


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