“New York City? Er, New Detroit”

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 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Shell Game Shills:

Yeah, so, where were we??  Oh yeah, the typical Liberal hypocrisy and their everestal inability to think things through.

Let’s look at a coupla things, New York City (soon to be called “New Detroit”), where the Libs are screwing the pooch and Louisiana, where the Liberals are being forced to come to Jesus.


Billy Boy DiBlasio is simply put, a Communist.  (I will be relentless on this guy. I will be on him like the cheap suits he wears.)  That is all.  Anything else is just piling on.  But let’s do that anyway!


Anyone with a double-digit IQ would easily be able to surmise that Commies like Billy Boy are either: 1) Stupid, 2) Ignorant, 3) Have no idea what they are doing and/or 4) Counting on the stupidity and greed of the Low & No Information Voters.

To put this in perspective he wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour and at the same time welcome illegal aliens.

On the other side of the spectrum, he wants to raise the taxes on the “wealthy” to provide better education at a younger age  for kids while he claims capitalism is a failure.

Now, because the Forth Estate is up the backside of the Left for some reason, it is understandable that they lie.  No, not mis-report, not under-report. I call it what it is: Lying.

There are active lies (“I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinski”) and there are passive lies (“ …“  that is if they do not speak the truth they must, then they are guilty by omission.)  The SRM have gone to more of the latter than the former.

Note, there was precious (yes? Oh, sorry) little commentary on Biff’s vacation in Hawaii.  Note, there was even less comment on Mooch-747 staying behind, er, to the rear, er, remaining in Hawaii.

Why the half-black out?

A’cause they do not want you to know what they are doing.

Sure, make grandiose pronouncements that you want to raise the “living wage” to $15.00 per hour. Heck, make it $25!  Do I hear $50?  These idjits are immune to facts.

Many years ago I heard a preacher, he is still around, by the name of Kenneth Copeland.  I am prolly one of the few Catholics who think he is spot on.  Anyway, he was talking about money.  To make a long story shortish, he said that money was relative.  (I say there is no such thing as money, but that is a different discussion.)  Getting to the point, he said that a good suit today costs $600. (This was a while ago.)  But his g’dad said in his day a good suit cost $20.  Bottom line in 1930 an ounce of gold was valued at $20, in 1980 it was $600.  Ergo, the relative price was the same.

So, to, as I prophesized, that give the minimum wage peeps $15 per hour and soon you will have $15 Big Macs.  But there is more.

Many, most, if not all, unions, have their contracts tied to the minimum wage.   For instance a diesel fitter represented by Local 69 of the International Brotherhood of Bloomer Manufacturers is guaranteed $37.54 per hour above minimum wage.  With the federal minimum wage at $7.25 (I had to look that up), then this fellow earns $44.79 per hour.  Now, if the min wage skyrockets to $15 per hour, our friend’s wage jumps to $52.54 per hour for the same job.

Needless to say this is not widely reported.  Needless to say many in the various media industries (not the “on air, er, talent” so much) are in IATSE or the Teamsters or the like the ones positively affected by such a rise in wages.  And besides, the “talent” are in a union as well.

Closed shop/closed mouths.

So, while the ghettoeers will vote for whomever they are told (PROOF?  Billy Boy = 73% of the vote with 96% of the black vote) the quiet secret is the HUGE union support this Commie received.

And, to be fair, not just the trades and the skilled but also for the less skilled, to be polite, of SEIU and AFSCME.  Both of which, in a perfect world, would be subject to the RICO statutes and their leaders to criminal prosecutions for myriad of crimes.

So, to sweeten the pot, the Dems do not just trot out a White Marxist married to a black radical lesbian feminist but, sotto voce, have him announce a support for raising the minimum wage to garner the support of the unions who will also benefit.

“But, Precious” you will say, “but he supports the illegal aliens.  They will work for peanuts.  Won’t that undercut the unions?”

Sure would, if they can get a job in one.

It is one thing to cut lawns and wash dishes, it is another thing to lay bricks, drive a K-Whopper and set up a stage.  And, sure, they will eventually get in the unions.  The unions will make a big deal of “hiring” the first illegal so they will get everyone off their backs.  (And they did and they did and the SRM “covered” it for one cycle. Now YOU find the illegal who was hired.)

Bottom line, they make lip service to the illegals and there are there for the pimping.  And when they DO not get a job, do you think they will vote for a Republican?   Not  chance!  They will be told that the Republicans hate them.

I am sure you are getting my point.

Let’s move on.

But first, this.  These are the same Commies and Marxists who claim that Capitalism is a failure.  Well, it sure is!  Except in the countries where it has been tried.  Let’s compare that to the list of  Commie states, shall we?

Cuba, North Korea, Laos and a few others.  Tell me, how is that working for the local loyal comrades?

Out of the other side of the mouth of these a’hats who are claiming that Capitalism does not work are complaining that those who make less than $50K per year have realized a roughly 9% return on their investments in the market, pensions, 401ks and so on where those earning over a half of a million dollars have more than ten-fold higher increase in return.

So, tell me.  How is a workers paradise better when the rich make more money but at the same time the Commies and Marxists want to take them to “be fair” to “chip in a little more” to …. “PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE?”

How does that work?  You stink because you earn more than the poor but when you are taxed out of existence you will be blamed for the failures of the Politburo?

Tying this together and moving to the Bayou State.

Here in NYC Marxist Billy Boy wants the “rich” to pay more to increase the education “opportunities” for the po’ babies.  According to Billy Boy it will be the poor and underprivileged (read: black) who will benefit.  Of course when the rich say thanks, but no thanks, then Billy Boy will trot out his family and call all the right Whities racists.

(And WHY is no one screaming that they do not want their kids to go Pre-K and Pre-Pre-K!   Why are the mothers not screaming that they do not want their babies taken away and brainwashed by the Commies?  And if you have a hard time grasping that WHY have YOU not read the “Communist Manifesto”, as this is a page straight out of that book!)

Ok, for sake of argument and ignoring the Communist undercurrents of this let’s look at what is going on in Louisiana. (Correct me at any time, DW.)

The link is below, but the bottom line is there is a VERE successful school voucher program in Louisiana.   The schools are non-union and enjoy a 93% satisfaction rate.  Kids are excelling in scores and graduation rates.

And Biff hates it because of the union issues.

But 90% of the recipients are “minorities.”

How do you balance union and minority concerns?

The unions support Biff and donate tons of cash to the Dems and the “minorities” are expected to vote as they are told.

Problem solved, throw the po’ kids under the bus.


From the article:  “The DOJ alleged that, because the vouchers were being used mostly by minority families, and therefore sending a high amount of minority students to alternative schools with the state vouchers, the program violated federal laws of school integration from the 1960s.”

“Indeed, Holder and Obama argue that too many poor minorities are receiving a good education by escaping failing schools.”

So, the entire idea of charter schools, scholarship schools and the rest of the educational entities which are NOT union run are anathema to Biff & Co.  They have all but closed them down in Washington DC for the crime of teaching (yes, teaching, not babysitting till they are old enough to get out of going to school) for far less than the cost for attending a “cite school.”

And what do Biff and Stedman do?  They pull the race card on their own people.

Yes, we all know about “separate but equal” and then with desegregation the town fathers built far better facilities in the black neighborhoods than the White ones with the express intent in keeping the racers separate.  Then, of course, when people got wise, they introduced bussing.

And this is EXACTLY the same thing for the EXACT wrong reason.

While it was noble and admirable to tear down the walls erected by the White Man to keep the blacks at a distance, what has happened over the past half century is that the black “leaders” like $harpton and Jack$on have been working overtime to build them right back up again.

Now, add the power and might of the gov’t and the DoJ wanting to make those walls taller and thicker, and what you have is institutional racism on a national level.



Argh… Look at the time….   More to come on this subject….


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