“And Now It Begins For Real”

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Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Waiting Room Chums:

I try to be a good person. I am not always successful.   As I have said, I pray every day that my words would reflect His Word.  And, sometimes they are because I listen to Him and sometimes they are not, because either I do not listen to Him or I think I know better. In those cases when my point (my point, not God’s) is swung at (swang?  swanged?) at and missed, I am lead back to the Lord’s Prayer with “Thy will be done…” and it all makes sense.

I think today’s might be a good one.  When they come easy and all but write themselves, I sense the inflatus.  Then I want to add something or say something that I know God would not say.  Oh, well. Lessee what happens.

Just in case you still have any liberal friends out there or who think that Biff is a swell guy and a regular George Washington and Abe Lincoln rolled up into one you need to ask them about that which I am about to share.

Like virtually all of you, my health care program has changed.   I had a very good plan that covered everything I ever needed.  I never had a test or procedure denied and I had no ethical issues with them.  My primary doctors are great guys and personal friends and they seemed to have been operating a thriving practice.

A few months ago we were advised that our plan was changing.  There were a few options offered.  I assure you none were as good as what we had. 

There were myriad “options” and “health savings plans” to cover the immense deductibles.  There is a lifestyle survey and a little thing called a “health provider screening form“ which will provide for a few ducats to be put into your health savings plan.

We went back and forth and weighted the cons and the other cons of the plans.  We settled on one that could prolly wind up costing us up to $11,000 more per year.  Less if we saw no doctors or had the common decency to die.

When Biff lied and said “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan”, I guess I had no idea that I did not like my plan.  After all, he is always right, no matter how wrong he always is and how far to the Left he is.

I have not seen a doctor for a while but I had a regular checkup scheduled for right about now.  My first foray into OBAMA’S OBAMACARE.

So, imagine my surprise when I received the above mentioned “health screening form.”  It is an innocuous looking little form with your very basic personal info (name, date of birth, address and so on) in section 1. 

(Oddly enough, in that section you are asked for your “postal code.”  Gee, here in America, we have a Zip Code but in the UK, Canadania and other places you have a “postal code.”  However in the second section, the address including the “Zip Code” for your “health provider” is asked.   Not for anything, is ANYONE proofreading this stuff? Of course not.  We are not supposed to read it at all, as you will see.)

Section 2 requests some basic medical information.  Too basic, if you ask me.  Your “health provider” is asked to enter your blood pressure, height and weight (ergo: BMI), cholesterol components and glucose.  “Relax, I’ll need some information first, just the basic facts” as related in the Pink Floyd song “Comfortably Numb.”          

Again, benign, nothing to worry about.  No red flags (other than “postal code”) and you should be well at ease to the point that you will skip over Section 3, the boilerplate, the fine print.  Again, don’t bother to read it.  After all, you do not read all that folderol on the internet when you accept the terms and conditions of a web page, now do you?  And, after all, this is from the gov’t, what could possibly be wrong or bad?

                                                What could possibly be wrong or bad indeed!

The first section advises that there may be an out of pocket charge for biometric screenings.  Ok, fair enough.

In section the second, you give your physician (what happened to my “health provider?”) permission to disclose results with your health plan, you know for “administering wellness benefits” and “incentive awards.”  And that tact is amplified upon. 

But, even that section is no big deal.  Or is it? 

If you are in sales the next section is called “the close.”  We are advised that participation is voluntary.  Whew!  That is a relief!  But, wait, there is more! “However, I understand that there may be certain wellness benefits (including incentive awards) under my health plan that I will not be eligible for as a result of not participating in this program or not providing my biometric screening results to my health plan.”

What kind of “wellness benefit” are they talking about?  Does that mean I will not get to see a doctor/health care provider/shaman? Gee!  I BETTER sign up! 

The old “fear close” or the “sense of loss close.”

I am sure this is written so that you are so concerned about not getting care that you will sign anything at that point.

(And I wonder, why would your insurance company need the “biometric screening”, after all, they have all of your other medical results and records. And excuse my insensitivity, when I see “…will not be eligible … participating in this program” for some reason, I see trains headed for Dachau, Treblinka, etc.  I know, I am prolly over-reacting.  That kind of thing could NEVER happen now! Right?)

Do so at your peril.

Following that piece of happiness is the deal-breaker in my book.

“I understand that my health information may be subject to re-disclosure by the recipient and that if the recipient is not a health plan or health care provider that information may no longer be protected by the Federal privacy regulations.”

Read it again.

And again.

One more time.

You see, today there is a thing called HIPPA.  This, among other aspects, gives you complete privacy and confidentiality about your medical status.  In fact, unless you sign off, even your spouse cannot have access to or knowledge about your health, medications or treatments.

But, IF the powers that be decide that they want to “re-disclose” anything about your health status, well, all bets are off, HIPPA goes out the window and they can put up billboards with the health status of anyone they want.  If they wished.  And they will. 

(And it is not “re-disclose” it is “broadcasting.”  “Re-disclosure infers disclosing again to the same entity.  That is NOT the case here.)

Now, just in case you are less than confident as to the intentions of the administration of this scheme, there is a little “don’t you worry about it” clause to wrap up this theft of your privacy.

“I understand that I may revoke this authorization at any time by notifying my physician in writing.  …  Unless revoked earlier, this authorization will expire one year from the date of my signature.”

See, nothing to worry about!  If you like your privacy, you can get your privacy back!  Alls ya gotta do is ask the gov’t. And ANYONE who has EVER had any dealings with ANY gov’t agency, be it for a copy of a deed, a parking ticket, a request for an easement or the like, knows how easy, seamless and quick these processes are.

Seriously, this is one of the most dangerous pieces of paper I have ever seen.  Were this to be a different time and a different set of creatchures running the shop, I might be less concerned.

But here is a Maladministration who has made a cottage industry of shredding the Constitution.  When? Where, you ask? Gee, Biff has changed or modified the terms of his own albatross of a so-called “health-skare scheme” nineteen times.

He has no respect for the Constitution.   He repeatedly ignores the separation of powers and now with this little codicil about ceding your privacy with respect to your health care, your agreement will allow them to take more of your privacy away. 

Makes little difference, they would do it anyway.

As I have been saying since before “Day One” (note: Biff does not say that anymore…), this OBAMA’S OBAMACARE has far less to do with health care than it does with subjugating the masses.

People, we are running out of time.

God Help us all.


One thought on ““And Now It Begins For Real”

  1. Roslyn Atwood says:

    Pass it to find out what is in it……………we knew it was an evil bill that is why we fought so hard against it & still do, now it is law, & God have mercy on us as the details continue to be revealed.

    Laws can be repealed…………….. Roslyn Sent from my iPad

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