“Et Tu Facia Bruta – PART 1”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

 “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Neville Brothers:

FIRST: A Brigid Update! I spoke with Ben, her hubby, the other day. She is still in very bad shape. But there is much good news!  Her internal organs have miraculously began to work properly, kidneys, liver, etc.  The whole in her lung has healed.  Her memory is largely intact but her speech is slow and deliberate.  While it is too soon to tell the initial postulations of multiple amputations, while not inconceivable, are becoming less likely and some may be expected.  But I am sure I speak for Brigid, Ben and the kids as I thank you for all of your prayers.  I do not believe she could be as improved as she is (yes, it is relative) without them. PLEASE keep praying for Brigid and her family!  Many of you sent a line or more expressing your prayers, good thoughts and the like.  I sent a few emails to Ben with those kind words.  He asked me to tell you that you have no idea how uplifting it is to hear such positive words from strangers.  Heck, we are not strangers, we are just friends who have not met yet.  Keep up the good work, kids!


“Give them an inch and they want a yard.  Give them a yard and they want an in-ground pool put in it.’

Am I right or am I right?

If you look at the history of the Left in our Country, (which, BTW, goes back to our earliest days as a nation but picked up speed with T. Roosevelt) they are ruthless.

Sure, they talk a good game.  They point out all the good they “want” to do.  (And remember “want” is the same as “do” or “did” in the Lefty Lexicon.)

What happens is that they make a case, something which is kinda hard with which to have a problem at first.  They will cajole you, prove that they are being altruistic and beg, plead for your approval.

The swear kittens are good pets.  (Stay with me on this.)  They are cute and cuddly and no problem at all.  They are great companions and everyone should get one.

The Left will stay on this tack, they will make all kinds of feline-friendly pronouncements. “Look, we LOVE you, we want YOU to be happy!  Kittens will make you HAP-HAP-HAPPY!”

Next thing you know, the Left have created the “Fabulous Furry Friend Bill of 2014.”  What could go wrong?  After all, it is going to be great as all people love cats they say.

Those of us who are not cat fanciers shut our mouths, for fear of being labeled a “feline-fobe.”  And, since it is a no-big-deal bill, like voting on the state yo-yo for Montana, it passes with huge majorities in both houses.

A few days later there is a knock on your door.  There is a nice young man in BDU’s, Kevlar and a huge cage.  What is this, you ask yourself?  But before you can answer yourself, the chap says “Smith, where is your Corgi?”  You say that she is in the back yard and before you realize what has happened, your dog is taken from you.

The next day, a cat is delivered to you.

The day after the bills for putting down “Elizabeth I” and for your new, untrained, unhousebroken cat.

You call and complain to no avail.  You are advised that the “Fabulous Furry Friend Bill of 2014” was more than just an introduction and support to cat husbandry.  It banned all other pets. Dogs, gerbils, fish, birds, komodo dragons and all other animals that fly, walk, swim or slither are all outlawed.

“I loved Muffy! I had her since she was a little pup!”

Too bad.

“Rex is my hunting dog!  I need him!”

Rex is history and soon too will be hunting.

And we ALL know, no one loves dogs more than me, so you know that was hard to write.  But before you say it could not happen, even though that is kinda sorta how we had OBAMA’S OBAMACARE shoved up our, um, down our, … well, somewhere.  But that is not the analogy.  OBAMA’S OBAMACARE will be found to be a criminal activity.

No, you see, what happens is that the Left will ask all “please and nicey” for something.  It is usually something that canNOT be legislated out of the gate, there has to be some framework first.

They will swear, it is no big deal and it will not affect you in the least!  In fact it is such not a big deal you won’t even know it exists!

Then the Lib will make you feel bad about not supporting this “no big deal” that you won’t even know will be existing.  Of course, you will be called a “bigot”, some kind of “–phobe”, needless to say a “racist” and the expected “hater.”

Finally, like a weak parent giving in to the screaming of one’s children (and creating yet MORE Liberals) you finally acquiesce and the next thing you know, they are coming for “Muffy.”

You see, the Left’s SOP is to make nothing out of something, plead till they get their way calling good people evil, intransigent, haters and so on. Then they play the pelosi card “tolerance.”

For some reason, “tolerance” is one of those strange words that have mystical and magical powers.  But, like Biff, if is a chimera.  It is just a word.  But spoken by a Lib, it is like being accused of using the “N” word.  (I will get back to that one day.)

“My friends, I must say, as much as I admire Precious, he is not a friend of ours, he is not a tolerant person!  Imagine, such a man who thinks that just because a few fellows like to put on a bathrobe and grill steaks that they should not be allowed  to be married!  Really!  In this day and enlightened age, can’t we be more tolerant!!!”

Guilty. I s’pose.

I hate to bring this up, but I told you.  What I am referring to is Lawrence v. Texas in this case.

You see, in this case a few fellows were, as much as I want to be snide and gross, I refrain out of respect for you, bottom line (no pun) was two fellows were having gay sex and their house was busted by the police.  But it was the wrong house.

Had that house not been invaded accidentally things might be different today.  But the invadees who had their privacy violated sued not just for the invasion but for privacy.

And of course, the lawyers caviled that the gays did nothing wrong, they hurt no one, they just wanted some privacy.  And really, pinky swear, if you find in their favor saying that adults can do whatever consenting adults want to do, we will keep it in our pocket, out of sight and behind closed doors.  There will be no debauchery, no naked people in the streets, no live sex acts in front of kids, we will be just like church mice!

The stupid court found in their favor and to everyone’s surprise (but mine and yours) the very next day in Greenwich Village, San Francisco and other gay centric areas there were debauchery, naked people in the streets, live sex acts in front of kids and everything they promised would not happen.

What happened after that?


They wanted the same rights as everyone else.  They did not want special rights.  But they ALREADY had the same rights as everyone else, what  they wanted was special rights.  And I could go on but I need not.

But our problems manifested as what EVERYONE on the  Right did was to emulate the Left.

After all, how many times have I said that the Left does not think things through?  How many?  A zillion!

And now, because the Right are weak and feckless, they are letting the Left get away with everything they want.

We let them get what they wanted under the guise of “tolerance” and “fairness.” We want to be nice and to get along.

But as soon as they get what they wanted there is ZERO chance of them being tolerant and fair to us.  In fact they will make fun of us and tell us we are stupid for giving them what they wanted.

And then they will ask for something else ridiculous and like the Neville Brothers we are (Chamberlain, in this case) we bend over and give them whatever they want.

But if we give them a loaf of bread and ask for a crumb, you KNOW they will let us starve.

Enough for now, that is the table set.

It is going to get rough from here on in.  I expect many of you to part ways with the FISH over the next few weeks.  We shall see what you are really made of.


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