“Et Tu Facia Bruta, Part 2”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Neville Brothers:

BEFORE….we enter today’s FISH, I just wish to point out one thing which may or may not have to do with anything.  Y’day was the fortieth anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Some fifty-five million baby deaths have not softened the hearts of the Libs.  I know that not all of you agree with my Pro-Life stance, that is up to you.  You will have to defend that at some time.  We can say that not every president was Pro-Life. But everyone but this one has made some kind of, if not supportive at least not insulting, comment on this anniversary.  In fact every year there is a March on Washington.  No, really there is. The SRM rarely if ever mentions it.  Most presidents have made a public comment marking the day, almost without fail complimentary on the event.  Not y’day, not Biff.  A’Hat-One made another insulting attack on those who hold life sacred by repeating his mantra about “women’s health” and the choice of what they can do with their bodies.  I do not want to go off on a tangent but his insults are compounded by his everestal ignorance.   You see, the “mother” of the modern day infanticide, on Margaret Sanger, was a racist and saw abortion as a method to effectuate genocide on the black population.  Just sayin’.)


I try to love my enemies. I do.  If someone has a problem with me, in virtually every situation I am willing to sit down and try to work things out.  It may or may not work out well but I will be fair and give it a shot.

Now, when you are messing with my family or my Country, well, as old Merle said “When you are running down my Country (or family) you are walking on the fighting side of me.”

I have no tolerance for hate, I have no tolerance for stupidity and I l have less than zero tolerance for someone who is in possession of both.

Such a person is Governor Facia Bruta, Jr.  AKA Andrew Cuomo.

He is low. Low. Way low.  Lower than whale dung low.

But I will get back to him as we go along.


People have asked me: “How in the world did the idjits in New Detroit City vote in a Commie like Billy Boy?”

Well, he got elected the same way the fools in New York voted for Facia Bruta and he was elected by the same entitlement class who voted in Biff and so on and so forth.

The difference is that when Jimmah Q’artah was elected, people had no idea what a despicable, hateful, anti-American, anti-Semite he was.

You see, there was no internet back then.  He looked and seemed squeaky clean.  In fact I know a lot of people who not only voted for him but did fundraisers for him and knew him.  THAT is the kind of sneaky poppa oscar sierra he is.

But, without Q’artah, there would be no Reagan.  Without Reagan there would be no Bush Sr., who begat not just Geo W., but B.J. Clinton, well, politically.

Politics left to their own designs, like water, will seek its own level. It took an absolute tool of the Left to allow the Savior of the Right to be elected.

After the polemics of the Right and Left came B.J. Clinton.  Sure, he is a poppa oscar sierra as well, but, give him some credit, he is not as bad as his beard.

The carny barker that B.J. is, after not guessing our weight, tried time and time again to get us to move further to the Left than was Q’artah. (1992, recall, he wanted to put medical care under Hillaroo.. sound familiar?)  But, Slick Willie was too slick and despite putting a stain on the presidency he never was accused during his terms of being the anti-American One Worlder that he really is.

While people could not put their finger (or “fanger”) on it, they knew that were wary of Geo W. but al-G’ore was just not likable, trusty or honest enough to get the nod.

W. acquitted himself fairly well enough that when that smarmy serial-wealthy-wife-marrier, John “Why the Long Face” Kerry ran and won the nineteen liberal states, he fell far shorter than al-Gore.

But in his last two years, W. went off the reservation.  “Clean and articulate” Biff appears on the horizon and he is a “‘-ther” (that is half of a “bro-ther”.)  All the Libs and all the blacks voted for him.  So did the Bush haters, who got that way via the SRM.  The fact that Karl Rove stood the RINO John McRINO to run was tantamount to a clean sweep as he was decimated by his, er, opponent.

By 2012, the fix was in and even though Romney was head and shoulders better than that a’hat RINO McRINO, the fix was in.  the SRM wanted Biff, the members of the Club knew they had a self-absorbed narcissistic megalomaniac who was willing to take in the neck so that he looked cool and take multimillion dollar vacations on backs of We the Sheeple.

But while the bloom is off the rose with Biff, to the point that he is now calling those, which is most now, who do not approve of him “racist.”  “Your Honor, I wish to enter as evidence why we should bring back the ‘N’ word without any social or political stigma. The half-brotha earned it.”)

(Told you I was going to angravate some of you.  Stick around….)

Yes, indeed. All of a sudden, Biff, who was acting like “Il Duce” with his weak jaw jutting out all of a sudden has a case of “po po pitiful me” claiming that We the People do not like him because he is “black.”

Yes!  As my friend Chip calls him, this “Halfrican” unable to defend his actions or lack of such, his inability to be honest has become so patently obvious that the SRM is staring to have to call him on it and lack of anything concrete that he has done positively has resulted in his approval ratings in the sub-40% zone.

And real man might become somewhat circumspect and say “gee, I have screwed up!” or “I am going to have to come clean on Benghazi/NSA/IRS/ Fast and Furious and the rest of the sins, high crimes and misdemeanors!”

No, not Biff.

He huddles with $harpton, Jack$on and St. Oprah and decide the only logical reason why Biff’s approval rating is because he is black. Of course, they are assuming that no one is going to figger out that some, quite a few possibly, of those who do not approve of him are, gasp, black as well.  (Just ignore that fact, move along.)

Why I am even mentioning Biff is purely for background.

What he is is the first “president” who was elected about whom we knew next to nothing.  For some reason, the SRM that looked under every rock and into every cranny to find that Romney may have said something untoward when he was in high-school or that W got a DWI twenty-odd years ahead of his election, could not be bothered to find out if Biff was even born in the US (and, again, I am not a birther), or anything about his mother posing for porn pictures, or that his parents and maternal grandparents were communists, or his lack of school records, or his admitted drug use, or, or, or.

Odd, no?

Not when you consider that the likes of David Rockefeller picked this post turtle for the gig.

But, that is not the whole story.

Just like the first socialist president, Wilson, was the nominal president with the day to day business controlled by “Colonel” House who was on the payroll of and took orders from the House of Morgan, so, too, is Biff little more than a figure head.


OK, OK, OK, I need to wrap this up and I have not even gotten to my point. (And neither the first or last time that has happened.) But this is all needed for setting the table.

I will leave it right here and pick up on this next week.

Hope to see you then!  Stay warm!!!!



4 thoughts on ““Et Tu Facia Bruta, Part 2”

  1. Roslyn Atwood says:

    oh yeah I saw that the LSM were noticeably absent from any mention of the egregious RvW “anniversary”. I read that the women involved who were used as tools of the slaughter machinations were not in favor of the way it went and are both now strong members of RTL. The left will use any & everything & everyone with or without permission in order to attain their evil agenda.I know a young man who might have been aborted , my oldest DGS, now an admirable 19 yr.old who has never given his parents one day of grief. Multiply that by about 52 million just in the last 50 yrs in this country alone, the loss to the world is staggering. Like you John I do not suffer fools gladly, & in combination with evil as you say, it is very dangerous & unfortunately many of these evil fools have great wealth, influence & power. That my friend is the most demonic of all . I like Chip’s halfrican description of the narcissist in chief, but I have many more terms I like & pusillanimous is still right up there! Biff is too much of a narcissistic fool to realize what is before his Pinocchio nose. GB Roslyn

    Sent from my iPad

    • jaksavin says:

      lipstick on a pig, Roz, re Biff.. recall what he said that he did not want his daughters to have to suffer for a mistake…. he has no respect for anything that does not suit him, advance is goals or line pockets

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      very kind of you to write. I apoplogize for glitches, I am not sure of the reasons. I am not the most computer savvy guy out there, even if I stated with DOS 1.X, BASIC on an 8088 processor! YikeS!

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