“Et Tu, Facia Bruta? Part 3”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Neville Brothers:

OK, where were we… when we last met of I posited:

“Not when you consider that the likes of David Rockefeller picked this post turtle for the gig.

“But, that is not the whole story.

“Just like the first socialist president, Wilson, was the nominal president with the day to day business controlled by ‘Colonel’ House who was on the payroll of and took orders from the House of Morgan, so, too, is Biff little more than a figure head.”

Look at what the cat dragged in.  He has an AG whose law firm represents not just terrorists, but terrorists in GITMO. He has a Secretary of Energy who hates energy, a Secretary of Health and Human Services who supports infanticide and so on and so forth.

So, when you vote in someone, look at who they hang out with, a’cause he or she is bringing them to the prom.

Now, growing up we were all influenced one way or another or both by our peers and elders.  We learned how to be polite, or cuss like a sailor. We learned how to change a tire or steal a car, depending. But the bottom is that we are the sum of our parts and we have a tendency to hang out with those more like us than those who are not.

So when you see a creatchure like Biff, and if you spent five minutes vetting him (which would be about five minutes longer than the SRM did), you would have seen that he was an Alinski-ite Marxist. And I tried to warn the masses.  (And I will remind you again about the Castro Brothers in Texas.  Wait for it.)

When you see your older brother or sister smoking, you will want to smoke.  If you see your older brother or sister studying, getting a part time job or volunteering, the chances are you will do the same.

Increase that orders of magnitude and now you have possibly the least qualified person to hold the job er, “leading” the Country.

And he brings with him a coterie of similar losers.

But there few things worse than having a bad habit and those are being a bad example and lying about it.

“But, mom, Jimmy smokes!”

“Billy, Jimmy is nineteen years old!  You are seven!”

But as bad as that is consider this:

“Here Billy, smoke this!”

“Thanks, Jimmy! You are the bestest brother ever!”

“Billy, were you smoking?”

“Yes, mom.”

“And where did you get the cigarette?”

“Jimmy gave it to me.”


“Yes, mom.”

“Did you give Billy a cigarette?”

“No, I would never… he is seven years old!”
What we have here is president Jimmy.

Now, it is bad enough, trust me it is bad enough, he brought all the smokers and drinkers and puffers and playas from the corner and the ‘hood to work against America, I mean, work for him.  But he has been handing out smokes and blunts and 40’s to Billy Boy, Facia Bruta  and SheJack, the Castro Brothers, and most any other progressive, liberal, Marxist, Socialist, Communist or other assorted anti-American.

Not that I think it makes a difference, but not that many years ago a White man running for Mayor of “New Detroit” or any major city would not have a wife who was black, a lesbian, a Marxist, or activist and certainly not one who hit for the cycle.

But that did not stop Billy Boy from trotting out his Trotskyite.

(Of course, there is also his daughter’s drug use and Lord knows what secrets Link harbors.  And as a rule I do not pick on politicians kids, unless their parents pimp them first. And once one gives you that ghetto head shake, all bets are off.)

Then after screwing the snow pooches his first two chances up to bat, we come to learn that Mrs. Billy Boy wants a job in her hubby’s administration.  She does not care what it is, she is equally “qualified” for them all. That being not at all for any of them.

And when did we first start seeing unqualified wimmens looking for big gigs in gov’t?

Could it be Martha Washington?  No!

(… fast forward through the next thirty-eight Presidents, recall Cleveland was a non-sequential President…)

Could it be Barbara Bush?  No!

Could it be Hillaroo?  Ding, ding, ding, we have a “winner!”

Could it also be Laura Bush? No!

Could it also be Mooch-747?  Ding, ding, ding, we have another “winner.”

(To be fair, Mooch-747 might fill a position where ones “voluntarily retuning ones law license” might be a prerequisite.)

So, riddle me this, what is the romance that Liberal, Socialist or Commie wimmens have with having some kind of paid position in their hubbies’ administrations?

(To be fair, Hillaroo had a reason to be close, to be able to keep an eye on BJ.  To be fair, BJ prolly had good reason to stalk some, er, “interesting” wimmens.  I mean as much as I try to follow the 10 Commandments, BJ would be absolved with no questions asked if he begged forgiveness.)

Now there is no comparison with what the Republican First Ladies did, in fact even most of the Democrat ones.  Jackie Kennedy and Lady Bird both had taken on other positive interests within the scope of First Ladying.

But it was not until the (thusfar) unindicted Hillaroo who wanted a big job (little did we know two decades ago what her true aim was), then there is the oxygen thief Mooch-747 who thinks she should be paid for taking multi-million dollar vacation after multi-million dollar vacation.

If you look at both of these “wimmens” work “history” there is little for which be proud of and they can HONESTLY say they did 100% er, 50%, er .5% on their own.

Now comes Billy Boy’s shorty and she wants some kind of governmental welfare.  Trust me, if there was something she could do, someone is already doing it.  Other than organizing and angravating.

(And I think her major attribute is being Billy Boys beard as well.)

Funny, really, these three socialist/communist wimmens who WANT something for nothing.  What happened to “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need?”

Trust me, their abilities for honest contribution is scant and they cash in far more than their need.  But, what difference does it make?  Yet more examples of Liberal hypocrisy.


OK, I have done it again…  I do so want to get to Facia Bruta and Billy Boy and it is important that I do. But it was equally important to set the table for his clowns.

You see, it is not just the Liberal/Marxist/Socialist we elect but the Joe Franklin panel of assorted leeches, hangers on and ne’er-do-wells with which they come.

Now, add to that their closest people, their spouses, and see they are particularly disposed to aiding and abetting their hubby destroy the city, state Country or world as long as they are fat and happy.

Soon come Part 4 and with hope that is the last installment of this topic.


Biff will deliver his “State of the Union Address” tonight.  In case you are too busy to watch it as you are attending to more important issues such as sorting your sock drawer or polishing the garage floor I am sure I am not letting the cat out of the bag with the following.

Biff will tell us what a great job he is doing.  He will say things are moving along on time and on schedule.  He will update us on the great strides OBAMA’S OBAMACARE is making.  He will tell us of the great work he is doing creating and saving jobs.  When the Pelosi starts to get too thick, he will point out some peeps in the audience who were hand-picked and coached.  He will tell us of the amazing things they did and or their heartbreaking trials and tribulations that they overcame with the underlying message that he had something to do with their now good fortunes. (The racial makeup of the pimped will not accurately reflect the actual percentages.)

Then, after he tells is what a great job he thinks everyone thinks he is doing and then cures the sick and commands the lame to walk so that all will look at him in amazement and wonder, THEN he will drop the hammer and tell us that he is not getting the cooperation he needs from Congress to finish us off, I mean, finish the job that we ALL want him to do and he will outline how he will circumvent the Constitution to achieve his pernicious goal.

(If I score less than 80% accuracy on my take of the SOTU address, I will provide the next ten issues to you at no charge.)

(I said that to see if you are paying attention and that is what you will need to weed through the Pelosi coming your way later tonight.)


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