“Et Tu. Facia Bruta Part 4”

“Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”


Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Neville Brothers:


I think this should wrap it up…

Let’s look at a few things.

When Biff was running for the nomination virtually everything he said was either provably untrue or a platitude with the odd bit of truth to throw you off the scent.

One of the very few bits of truth spaketh by Biff was the infamous (paraphrased): “America is the greatest Country in the world and we are going to fundamentally change it.”

And, for better worse or worst, he is not done yet.

We already know about Biff, Mooch-747 and the rest of his pinions, let’s look at something on a more local level yet equally diabolical.

The Communist Billy Boy Di Blasio was elected for Lord knows what reason why.  He is prolly as qualified to hold his job as Biff is to hold his.  Bear in mind that while he received something like 75% of the votes cast, less than 20%  eligible voters exercised that right. So, 75% of 20% is not exactly a mandate.

One of the major planks this plank ran on was “universal pre-K for all kids to be paid for by a tax on the rich.”

He could have run on a platform of free mandatory kicks in the groin for everyone to be paid for by a tax on the rich with the same results, as the number of folks positively impacted is not enough to get him elected dog catcher in his district.  But that is not the point.

(Billy Boy derisively calls his home town “A Tale of Two Cities.” Those being the rich and the poor.  To be fair, while there is a large and vibrant middle-class in New Detroit City.  In Manhattan, however, the middle-class is a guy named Murray who runs a dry-cleaning establishment and is the only renter in New Detroit City not in a rent controlled apartment.) (“Rent Control” is a story for another day.)

He promised additionally that he would make sure that all parts of the city were treated equally.

Proof that God has a Sense of Humor, He sent a snow storm to New Detroit the day after Billy Boy’s inauguration and another a few weeks later.

He almost sorta acquitted himself during the first one. There were some snafus but all in all not a bad first time out.  However, proving that he was just a regular Joe (Stalin), he was out there shoveling his walk.  And throwing the snow into the street.  Which is against the law. But, he got a pass even though his “crime” was caught on camera.

(When asked why he was doing the shoveling when he has a young son, Dante, Billy Boy inadvertently confirmed a stereotype by saying that he was sleeping.   A few hours later, Photo Op Dante was seen shoveling the already shoveled walkway, without a hat.  No hat is the tip-off that it was a photo up.  One might think it was the re-shoveling but that would be wrong.  It is in the DNA of those of the Left to have people to useless, repetitive, unneeded or redundant tasks.)

But he got a pass on the first one.  However, on the second snow storm he did not do as well.

You see, while most of the City was plowed and plowed again, the upper East Side and Staten Island were decidedly less so.  When Billy Boy chirped that the streets were in great shape, the phones started ringing predicating Billy Boy taking a trip uptown where it was taking up to an hour to go one block.

If you are familiar with New Detroit City, then you know most of the money in the City lives in the Upper East Side at night.  While it is not as far left as the Upper West Side, it is still very liberal over all. But these are the people that Billy Boy aims to soak to pay for his universal pre-K plan.

But why Staten Island?  Well, Staten Island is one of those predominantly middle-class areas.  Oh, and mostly Republican and the only Borough Billy Boy did not win.  So, this was a
“stink eye” to them.

Let’s discuss the universal pre-K.  First of all, it is a crock.  The people most likely to benefit do not really need it.  They are largely the inner-city folks, many (ahem) of them have no set “schedule”, if you get my drift.

So, why have universal pre-K?

As Her Thighness said some years back “it takes a village to raise a child.”  And while that sounds all nice and groovy, that harks back to the “Communist Manifesto” where it is admonished that the quicker kids are taken from their families, the quicker they can be brainwashed.

And recall, Billy Boy and Mrs. Billy Boy ARE Communists.

(Do the math, one starts First Grade at five or six years old. Which means Kindergarten at four or five. Which means pre-K at three or four.  Where were you at three years old?)

Now, enter Gov. Facia Brute, Jr..

Let me link these two reprobates then a quick work on Facia Brute.

Cuomo said that there is money for universal pre-K and added that the city cannot raise a tax without the State’s approval.  He then biotch-slapped Billy Boy by calling his desire to soak the rich “a tax looking for something to fund.”
Before you think that Cuomo is anything but a Lefty poppa oscar sierra, consider this:  there is already a millionaire tax surcharge in New Detroit City, and Cuomo, who has his jaundiced eye on Biff’s job in 2016 and re-election this year gets a huge percentage of his campaign backing from the same rich that Billy Boy wants to tax.

So, who is to say that these two longtime friends are not working in some kind of collusion playing both sides for their own benefit?

Now, to Facia Bruta.

He is divorced from Kerry Kennedy (yes one of THOSE Kennedy’s and the one awaiting trial on some silly thing like driving under the influence of drugs and having an accident or something) and a supporter of infanticide.  Yet, he still considers himself a “Catholic” and yet, he is not refused Communion.  Hmmmm…

A few weeks back, Cuomo said (paraphrasing) “If you do not support a woman’s right to choose, you support guns and do not embrace gay ‘marriage’ then there is no place for you in New York.”

I am sure this came as a big surprise to Cardinal Dolan and all people of faith.

Of course, he tried to walk it back by inferring that he really was referring to the Tea Party.  Oh, that makes all the difference in the world!

“Governor, I am pro-Life, I am pro-Gun and I am against gay marriage!”

“You have to leave New York NOW!!!!!!”

“But, Governor, I am not in the Tea Party.”

“That’s different, you can stay!”

Ya think?  Neither do I!  His lame explanation was a lie of everestal proportions and worthy of being uttered by Sideshow Carney.

Let’s clarify for a moment, let’s employ Occam’s Razor.  Let’s leave out infanticide for a moment as it is legal for the time being.  Let’s put aside the gay thing as it is not universal and only in a few states.  Let’s look at the cream filling of that particular Oreo.  “…If you support guns… there is no place for you in New York.”

Er, Sparky, that is part of the Constitution.  Roe and Lawrence are new kids on the block compared to the Constitution.  And damning someone for accepting as law something in the Constitution is borderline treasonous.

No big deal you say, you don’t have a gun you say, you don’t want a gun in your house you say.

I tell you what, I am fine with that.  However, I do not want you to speak, write or anything I find offensive, and to compound that, I will not tell you what I find offensive.  So, you canNOT speak, write, tweet, whatever.

“You can’t tell me that! I have rights, you know!”

Where? In the Constitution?  The same one where you don’t believe in the 2nd Amendment?  If you don’t like the 2nd, I won’t let you have the 1st.  And I will give both rights back to  you when you pull your head out and apologize to America.  (Of course, that is all editorializing, I am sure no one here feels like the Constitution is a buffet.)

So, let’s recap.  Biff got elected on the basis of his skin tone.  I am not being racist but factual.  A White man, even a Liberal White man would not have gotten elected on his agenda and if so would not have been re-elected.

The table is set.  White people of all colors are afraid of saying anything because Biffs goons, from the streets to the boardrooms are quick to throw the race card.

Now, that we are punch-drunk from being called racists, we let this scoundrel get away with far more than is in the Constitution.  Then there are these other a’hats in various elected positions who say “Gee, that looks like fun!” and they do the same thing and by now, we are too stupid to realize the guy is White.

Then the next step, and an avowed Communist is elected Mayor of the most important city in the world, and hardly anyone votes, except for those who want something.

Now, add a fake fight and we are distracted and asked to take sides between a Commie and a Socialist.  “Gee… whoever shall I choose???”

Like said in “My Cousin Vinny” “That is a BS question.”

Rather than picking sides between Facia Bruta and Billy Boy, you should be figgering out who to run for governor this year.

And Congressman.

And Senator (if applicable in your state.)

And all the local guys and gals.

THIS is our last chance.  We canNOT afford to wait till 2016.  We must emasculate and eviscerate the Liberals and RINOS NOW!

Make it so.

(Hope it was worth all that.)


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