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Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Abettors:

I have a friend.  You know him, or of him and some of his chums.  I have posted some of the more insane tete-a-tetes I have had with him, mostly by his pinions from Facebook, and so on.

As I said, “Bill” is a good guy under it all.  He was a union worker his entire working life and was a shop steward as well.

For the greater part, Bill does get it and is willing to discuss things rationally except when it comes to business.

He hates corporations.

Now, Bill makes two grievous errors.  He assumes I love corporations and he keeps saying that I hate Biff.

Neither is true.

I am unable to hate anyone.   I try not to and pray for strength.  If I can sit here and tell you that I do not hate Biff, then I can NOT hate anyone.

Now, as far as corporations are concerned, like anything else, there are good ones and there are bad ones.  (Will discuss some of them later on.)

To paint with an extremely broad brush, some one hundred and forty families control close to one-half of all the wealth in the world.  We have had this discussion before.

But that is not important except as background.

I would venture that at least one person from each of those families have some involvement with one or more of the “Clubs.”

And that is where the peril lies.

Say what you want about this company or that one.  There are conversations, talks, mergers, territories, products and more being discussed in the board booms with the C-Level execs but when the rubber meets the road, Erinco Gasolini rings up Major Sir Reginald Fissionchips and the deal gets done.

Over and over again, all over the world.  Opps, there goes another deal right under our noses.

But you see none of us really know what is going on. But at least we know something is and if we do not know the names of the players, we at least know what team they are on.

And it is rarely ours.

But we are smart enough to know that we are smart enough to know that we do not know jack.

Now, enter some union guy.  (This is not a smack on all unions, just the socialist ones and there is a point that of course is further down line.)  All he knows is that the union tells him.  (Again, not all union guys, just those with this mindset.)

You know the type.  The guy who would rather go on strike to make a point, to show “management.”  The type of who winds up upside down when the strike has settled gets his “raise” (and in this day and age, gets to keep his job.)

But, the union stuck up for the little guy and they beat the bad corporation and who cares how much money he lost, right?

Here, go pay your mortgage with your principles.

No, I am not saying to give in.  Look what has happened over the past six years.  What I am saying you pick your fights, ones that mean something at the end of the day.

But, I digress.  Shock.  Yeah, I know.

You see, Bill thinks he knows everything about business.  And to be fair, he and his type do not know the first thing.  They have no idea about profit and loss, except the C-Levels make too much money.  They have no idea about staffing levels, except they need more guys to pay union dues.  They have no idea about minimum wages except that their wages go up if the minimum does.  But they not think about the repercussions of pricing themselves out of a job.  (Really, $74 per hour to wave a flag at a worksite, like reported in NEWSDAY recently.)

But, at the end of the day, he and his ilk are tools for those they tilt at so many windmills.  Tools for the likes of Hoffa and Trumka who have not picked up a tool or put in shift for years or, ever.  Who make as much as C-Level dudes and are not living in rent controlled apartments.

But, let’s get to the point.  (Yes, wise guy, there IS one!)

For reasons which will become patently obvious, there is no formal list of not just the previous professions of MOCs but if they ever actually worked at it at all.

Let’s pick a name at random.  Oh, here we go Senator Chuck Schemer.  Lemme read this quick…  hmmm…  oh?… hmmmmmm? Really…  Hmmmm…

OK, Schemer was graduated from Harvard Law in 1974, took and passed the NY Bar Exam in 1975 and went to work for…

…We the Lucky People!

He was a state assemblyman from 1975 to 1980, then he was a Congressman from 1981 to 1999 then won a Senate seat in 1998 where he has been annoying the world ever since.

So, Chuck has been “serving” we the people in various levels of gov’t. but did anyone notice anything?

That is correct!  He has NEVER WORKED A DAY IN HIS LIFE IN A REAL JOB!!!

Here is a guy who is on the Senate Rules Committee, Judiciary Committee, Finance Committee and Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee.

Look very closely at his CV.

Ok, he is a lawyer, so, sure, the Judiciary Committee is a fit.  Senate Rules?  Er, seriously, are there any we can understand or that canNOT be twisted by Dingy Harry?  So, being the good solder, selling what is left of his soul for a few farthings, sure, why not.

Banking? Finance? Housing and Urban Affairs?

Er, no

But, you see Schemer raises a lot of money, LOTS of money, for himself and for the Democrat cartel.

He received more money from Securities and Investment types than anyone else (what WE call “Wall Street” and what the Left calls “The One-Percenters.”)  Nope, you can’t make this up.) In fact, over 75% of his PAC money comes from “Business.”

Oh sure he gets money from other sources, such as real estate, entertainment, insurance and others.  And, he does get money from the “little guy” and as much as 2% of his contributions some from small donors.  Hence, “little guy.”  (See link at bottom.)

Oh, something to chew on, he is also the top recipient of cash from hospitals and nursing homes.  So, you can see why he is sooooooo interested in our health and well-being. And OBAMA’S OBAMACARE.

I’d like to tell you his wealth but it is hard to say as it is hard to get a good read on his REAL value.  In some reports, his listed wealth is between $500,000 to just under a cool mil.   On some other “less official” documents, he was too shy to admit.

Yet, he is not alone.

Sen. Frankenfeinstein is in the Top 10 in Congress.  I am not sure if that reflects the sweetheart deal her hubby got by buying surplused gov’t buildings, if that has already occurred.

Speaking of hubbies, also in the Top 10 is none other than San Fran Nan herself. She of the one who cares for the environment of America soooooo much, that she has voted against any kind of drilling or licensing for oil, natural gas or anything else her hubby’s company can extract the same in the Middle East without an environmental concern.  She is on the House Appropriations Committee (fox in charge of the hen house) and most likely as a joke, on the Intelligence Committee (her website is a wee bit light on specifics.)


Sure we can add more and I am sure there is a Republican or two who are not above reproach.  But it seems that the Democrats have made into a cottage industry professing about things for which they have no knowledge and even less expertise.  And mostly to our detriment.

Some do it for personal gain, others for power, others still to advance an agenda or ideology.

And then there are some who do it just for sport.

They just hate America.

How can we tell which ones hate America?

Easy! They are the ones who are so busy telling us how much he or she loves the Country and all of her citizens.

But, don’t you dare challenge their “patriotism”, they will look at you and lie and speak honeyed words.  And like Queen Gertrude in Hamlet you would be spot on by saying “methinks the lady doth protest too much.”

So, I am putting the cart before the horse when I say we need a top to bottom revamping of all the congressional committees, who is eligible to be on them and an exclusion of any who accepts  corporate money.

See, Bill, we have some stuff in common…

More to come… much more…



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