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Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Bailbondsmen:

(OPENBAR: Two quick things.  As you know, we support our troops particularly those in combat zones.  So, first up there is a new name below for you to support in any small way.  The second is my pal CSM William Bennett who is still in Afghanistan and expects to be there till the end, later on this year or whenever. THAT SAID, 28 April is his birthday.  If you are able to send a small gift, by that I mean useful things like wipes, hand disinfectant, energy bars and so on – if you want a more detailed list ask me – as well as Partigas Maduro #10 cigars, they will be most appreciated.  If you are unable to send a package, please, PLEASE do me the small favor of sending a birthday card.  Can you do that?  I do not ask for much and when I do it is almost always for someone else.  Who better to do something for than one of our brave guys keeping your butt safe every night.  Remember, I am Irish and I am not above using guilt as a motivator!  Please, make it so.)

(CASHBAR….  As you may have known or come to realize, Precious took a much deserved and much-er needed vacation.  Spending a week in the Crescent City was what this body needed.  There is a lot of stuff going on and this was written the week before I left.  I have one in progress and about a half of a dozen other percolating.  So, I will leave it at that.  But, as Al $harpton, [aka CI-7, for Confidential Informant #7] might say: “Leave the gun, take the collards.”)



What do these following fine upstanding peeps have in common?  (It will be multiple choice for your convenience.)

State Senator Leland Yee of California.  He was arrested for accepting contributions to introduce an undercover agent to a terrorist arms dealer.  (Oh, before this apparently he was virulently anti-gun.)         (SEE 1 BELOW)

State Senator LaAnna Washington of Pennsylvania.   She is bound over for multiple felonies involving theft of services and conflict of interest with respect to fundraising on company time. (2)

Councilwoman  Maria Del Carmen Arroyo of New Detroit City. While she herself is not in trouble, yet, two of her campaign workers were arrested for multiple felonies for forgery and falsifying business records when gathering signatures to get her on the election ballot. (3)

Mayor Patrick DeAngelo Cannon of Charlotte.  Was arrested and immediately resigned after being charged with corruption and accepting bribes. (4)

Speaker of the Rhode Island House, Representative Gordon Fox, of RI.  Resigned and won’t seek reelection after the FBI, IRS and other state and federal agencies raided his home and office. (5)

Assemblyman William Scarborough of New York.  The FBI raided his home, both of his offices and motel room, the last at 0545AM on abuse of travel expense and vouchers. (6)

Ex-Assemblyman William Boyland, Brooklyn, yo.  Will remain in jail until June when he will be sentenced on his corruption conviction.

What do these recently arrested (or subjects of raids) have in common?

A)      They are all Democrats

B)      They are all Democrats

C)      They are all Democrats

D)      A, B and C

Any answer is correct and give yourself 254 bonus points.

As far as any other commonalities or similarities, you can divine them on your own.

I am not sure why all of a sudden there is an interest in ridding gum’mint of (allegedly) bad Democrat people. I have ideas but no poof.

Of course they are not going after ALL the bad peeps or even bad Dems.  Were that to be the case Chicago would be set for cruise control and a fair number of those in Congress will be spending meaningful time with Counsel.

There is no reason why Harry Reid and most of his family should not get group discounts at some lockup somewhere.

A diligent prosecutor could easily make cases for those whose wealth increased as a result of sponsoring or supporting a bill which benefits a family member.  Right, San Fran Nan, Diane Frankenfeinstein, Barbara Boxer and others?

On what planet would Congress allow the likes of a James Clapper admit (paraphrased) “I got as close to the truth as I could…” in a Congressional hearing.  Ditto the Lerner chick from the IRS who claimed 5th Amendment immunity then went on to detail a whole passel of things about which she could not be questioned.

And need I even sully your ears with the name of the “smartest woman in the world”, Her Thighness herself, Hillaroo?

After all, all Secretary of States when confronted with an attack on one of their assets, where an ambassador and three others were tortured and murdered, where offers for help were not only refused but when the COs tried to countermand them they were relieved of duty, where there is a cloak of a cover-up that goes all the way past Biff and seems to end at the Muzzie woman Jarrett,  have the nerve to screech the answer “What difference does it make?”


Now, let’s look past criminality for a moment.  Let’s throw in a side order of dimbulbosity.

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) was concerned about too many people going to Guam.   As it is an island, he was concerned that it might tip over into the ocean.

Rep. Nasty Pelosi (D-CA) could have a book written about her slips of her fetid tongue, gaffs, lies and just plain stupid things.  Most recently was her opposition to fracking for oil and natural gas because she supports fossil fuels.

This year’s holder of the “JoeBama Stupid Award” is the racist Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX). Where do you start? That we have had a Constitution for 400 years?  That our astronauts planted a flag on Mars?  That she wants to change the name of “welfare” to “a transitional living fund”, as if someone who is “alternately viable” is any less undead. Or, “I stand here as a freed slave because this Congress came together.”

And that just scratches the surface of her disconnect from reality.

Of course, we can bring up John WTLF Kerry but as he is not going to seek elective office, we can just write him off as an everestal failure a creep and a charlatan who is unable to read the directions on a botox bottle.  Expounding on his failures will only take too much time and would be the equivalent of piling on.

Nope, at the bottom of the heap is…

Nope, no Schemer, he is too clever by half.

Not McLame either (technically still an “R” in bad standing)

Not even Little Dick Durbin, Harry Reid or any of the others.

Scrapping the bottom of the barrel, the worst of the worst is….

…Little Mr. Debbie Wassermanhyphenshultz.

She is just plain dumb as a box of rocks if she really believes ANYTHING she says when told to by that slimy Schemer, the girly-voiced Reid or any of the others.

Where SheJack is just plain stupid Little Mr. Debbie so desperately wants to be liked by her own den of thieves she will allow herself to be pimped by those who have no use for her other than she will parrot anything anyone tell her if it will help the Dem Party.


So, what does all this mean?

Stick around… we are just getting started.


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