“Score One For The Bad Guys”

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Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Sports Victims:


(First Off… A Very Happy Passover to all of my Jewish friends    and readers.  Pesach Sameach. [Did I get that right?])





These seem like blow out football scores, right?  I mean blowouts of the type that if you had zero class you might accidentally spike the football on the 1 yard line but you don’t worry about it because you have not only the game but the officiating team in the bag.

The scores might appear on the surface that one team totally dominated the other. But if you followed the game, you’d see that was not the case.

It was a fix.

Every touchdown the good guys got was reversed on some personal foul call, virtually all of them were bogus.  Even when the instant replay on the stadium’s Jumbotron clearly showed the bad guy was down on the 1 yard line and he placed the ball over the goal line after the whistle had blown, the refs called it a touchdown.

It got to the point that the 65,000 in the stands and millions at home must have felt like it was some kind of mass hypnosis, no one could make that many bad calls, no team could make so many boneheaded mistakes.   After all, this was the Superbowl!

And that, my friends, is a poor sports analogy of OBAMA’S OBAMACARE.

It was a clusterfluke from the beginning.  From the “you have to vote for it to see what is in it”, to every dirty bottom-dealing, possibly illegal use of Senate rules, then to add this poppa oscar sierra bill to some spending bill, where “technically” one did or did not actually vote for or against it, as it was a rider to a spending bill.  (Bear in mind not one Rep in the House voted for it.  As if they should be proud….)

Then having stacked the SCOTUS with fellow travelers, who, at least one ought to have recused herself and perhaps one was promised a quid pro quo for a favorable vote, and the ultimate judicial quisling, (Dis)Honorable Chief Justice Roberts, when the case eventually had to get to the SCOTUS, the deal would all but be done.

Six of the nine “justices” are Catholic (not that makes a difference in a legal sense), yet they vote again and again against the Constitutional Laws which also comport with their alleged beliefs.  In this particular case, someone, somehow got to Roberts as he was the swing vote that screwed the Country.

(As the old joke goes, and I would not be the least bit shocked to see, you do not want to be caught with a dead girl, a live boy or a goat.)

Had he had 1/1000th the set of Mooch-747 or Her Thighness he would have said, correctly, that even Helen Keller could see that the individual mandate was not a tax, but a penalty.

(Check out the history of FDR and Social Security for a little history on lies and chicanery on what is a tax and what is not a tax and what is a penalty and what is not a penalty.  And if you want to see the ultimate in chutzpah, read the bill where it is stated in more than one place that the “penalty on line such and such is to be considered a tax for the purposes of….”)

OK, so, Biff’s tools in Congress force thru a partisan bill fraught with unconstitutionality and then has that piece of legislative offal held up by his kangaroo court.  Of course, that is not the end of it.

Needless to say, the unindicted co-conspirators, the SRM, were all over this bovine scatology like the flies they are and coming up and telling us it is the best smelling rose of all time.

So, just for fun, let’s call another fumble a touchdown and call it a game.

But no, not content to win and more than cover the spread, this a’hat has to pile on.

Now what does he do?  What could be worse than that horrid bill?

Well, changing it at least two dozen times, CLEARLY against the Constitution and hence the law.

It is said that if you steal a little, you will steal often.  Perhaps it is the same with shredding the Constitution.  Pelosi gives a rip, Reid gives a rip, SCOTUS take their turns tearing off a piece here and there.

Now add the SRM with their Orwellian newspeak telling all the low-information voters what a great job Biff is doing to fix the damage to the Constitution.

And the Sheeple are so bleeding stupid, they will believe the lie.  After all, look at who they keep electing.

Meanwhile, with his phone and pen, Biff is changing the law, the LAW, to suit his myriad special interests: Muzzies, Unions, abortionists and so on.  Basically everyone but good and moral people who are do dang polite and too dang chicken to do anything except be mad.

(And I will repeat that which I have said for years:  You want to see whose fault it is, all most people have to do is to look in the mirror.)

So after this allegedly-elected chap (more to come on that topic) has broken the law some two dozen times to alter a probably illegal law, he has the unmitigated gall to say that no one can touch OBAMA’S OBAMACARE, because it is “settled law.”

Unless he wants to change it.

On his own.


Changing gears:

Biff put one of his famous “lines in the sand” as a goal for acceptance of his failed plan.  He wanted 7,000,000 signed up by 31 March.

Before we rip that apart, a few days earlier, no-shame tool of the  Left, Diane Sawyer, gushed that “With only a few days left, already almost six million have signed up!”

She said it like it was a huge victory!  But I assure you, had it been a Republicrat who was in a similar mathematical situation, I am sure the bottle blonde would have said “With only a few days to go, Bush’s plan is still over a million people short. The experts are saying it is sure to fail!

OK math geniuses, riddle me this.  How is it that with approximately 95% of the time allotted for signing up expired and they are roughly 85% to quota that they were not stressing?

Because when the ball was spiked on the three-yard and the bad guys were awarded a touchdown, Biff & Co knew the fix was in.

If 12 people signed up, they would have called it a victory.

But, one of those very, very few days in my adult life that I was not 100% proud to be an American is when that common street thug boasted about what a success the plan is, what a great thing that they made their numbers and so on.

Then he became even more cocky then usual and in a football game there would have been a penalty for taunting.

It was almost like the joke about Putin calling dealing with Biff is like playing chess with a pigeon.   (“The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, craps on the board, then struts around like it won the game.”)

I was sicker to my stomach than usual.

But in virtually every analysis, except by the criminally insane, OBAMA’S OBAMACARE  is an abject failure.

Let’s even grant they made the 7,100,000 alleged “new” “customers”, bear in mind, those are Liberal customers.  No, I do not mean they are Liberal politically, I mean that just like when a Lib says he wants to do something, to him or her that is the same as actually doing it.  Same deal here, Bucko.

You see even just starting the application was counted in the 7,000,000.  Now, subtract out those who actually completed the application but have not paid the premium and compare that against the people who are currently WITHOUT the coverage they once had, there is a net LOSS of American’s covered.

And those numbers will worsen or the Maladministration as time goes on.

So, before anyone starts saying how great of a success this plan is, ask them how many more people are actually covered, how many have lost coverage and how many people’s premiums have gone down by the promised $2,500 per family.

Or, $250.00

Or, 25-Cents.

Or, how many premiums really went up. (Raising hand.)

Call them on this,  Call them hard and often.  Because if we do not carp and complain, if we do not challenge these lies, if we do not write letters to the editors, if we do nothing, these a’hats will twist this thing so that it looks all purty and all and the enemies of the state will run ON OBAMA’S OBAMACARE and we are dead as a nation.

If not you, then who?

If not you, then who?

Make it so.


2 thoughts on ““Score One For The Bad Guys”

  1. Roslyn Atwood says:

    Of course anyone with a “smidgeon” of common sense would know that the cluster fluke obumma care is exactly that, a bumma! Not one single positive in that gargantuan piece of offal- the Hippocratic oath says “above all DO NO HARM”. AAAARRRRGGGGHHH [head explodes & destroys laptop, terrifies dog, freaks out DH & sends the neighbors for the hazmat team] In addition two of the worst of the worst & most dense in gubmint, san fran nan & bobblehead biden are also Catholic, neither one should ever receive the Sacraments in any kind! Why do not the faithful Catholics band together and demand that the Bishops refuse to serve them? As for Roberts they must have pics, yes? Why else would that weasel “turncoat”? Interesting how that word came to mean what it does…….. or was he always a weasel & hid it from us? As for the putative 7 million………anyone with even half a brain knew it was fraudulent/lies etc. Anyone who believes it must also believe in unicorns. Did you hear b. hussein say a couple of days after the “victory” speech that it was now 7.5 million & still rising-how come? I thought enrollment was now closed until November??? AAAARRRRGGGGHHH [more explosions] GB Blessed Holy week, my friend RJA

    • jaksavin says:

      Ros. shhhhhhh….. you make to much sense. And re elected Catholics, I have addresed this with certain Bishop and I am unsatisfied with the replies thus far. Did you know that Catholicism was still outlawed in New York well after the Revolution? Did you know that in many parts of the new Country Catholic Churches were burned to the ground? There was an archbiship named Huges in that era who said that “If the people of New York burn down one Catholic Church, we will burn down the rest of the City….” As far as Biff’s prevaricatons… er, you expected better? Blessed Holy Week to you and yours my dear friend! God Bless! He is Risen!

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