It’s Back! Saturday Short Stack #14

 “Opening minds and angravating liberals since 2001”

 “I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

 Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Mystified:

Some years ago, I managed a large stereo shop on Sunset Blvd in Hollyweird.  Yes, it was long and far ago and it was as weird as one could imagine.

The employees were, shall we say, “characters”, to be charitable.  I will not go into any of their personalities, foibles, proclivities, addictions and predilections but suffice it to say anything you can imagine can and did happen there.  (I lived it and I don’t believe half of what I saw!)

But that is not critical but for one person.

There was a salesman, we shall call him “Desmond” but that was not his real name. In fact, or reasons what will become abundantly obvious in a moment, there is no reason to remember him.

“Desmond” was a PITA, universally disliked and barely tolerated by the crew, from the stock guy to yours truly, El Jefe Grande. In fact, he was treated, for the greater part and deservedly so, like a red-headed step child, like a rented mule.  Yes, his abuse was well-earned and self-created.

One day a customer came in. Not his first time into the shop.  He prolly knew the high esteem with which “Desmond” was not held.  In the middle of some kind of sales presentation the customer called “Desmond” an a**h***. And, to be fair, “Desmond” prolly earned it.

With that, “Peter” (I shall call him Peter as I think that was his name) flew over a railing and got between “Desmond” and the perspicacious customer.  (Peter shared a home with another guy who also worked for me.  They were characters.  They lived in the sticks on the other side of the Hollywood Hills on the way to Ventura.  Kinda looked like the set of “The Rifleman.”  May have been.  They looked like extras from “Zero Dark Thirty” or “Sole Survivor.”)

Peter got up in the customers grille and basically told him not to call “Desmond” an A-H or any name.

As mentioned, the customer knew the drill with “Desmond” and did not see the error in calling him a name.  That was the point he tried to make to Peter, as he was sizing up the customer deciding which limb to rip off first.

Peter laser focused right into the customer’s eyes and said “’Desmond’ might be an A-H, but he is OUR A-H and you have no right to call him that. Now apologize to him and leave.”
It is a pretty well-known fact that Biff is not held in the highest regard by those who have read the Constitution and/or who hold jobs and pay taxes.  Sure, the Entitlecrats love the heck out of him.  But it is we they ought to love as it is the sweat of our brows that are paying their freight!

I mean, if Biff signed an Executive Order seceding Hawaii from the Nation and declaring himself King of Hawaii, or Dictator or Queen for a Day or whatever and decided to stay there forever, I am pretty sure that few would shed a tear and more than a few would be willing to chip in a few bucks every year to make sure he stayed there.

A boy can dream, can’t he?

But until he leaves elected office, he is still the president. (If he decides to overstay his welcome, which I posit is a real possibility, then all bets are off.)

For what it is worth, irrespective of my feelings for Biff, I take great umbrage when a possibly inbred mentally deficient, cold-blooded killer of the most oppressive regime on Earth refers to Biff as a monkey.  Not once but twice in the past few months. (I am referring of course to Vallery Ja… er I mean Kim Jong-Un.)

Yes, Biff may be a despicable creature and all the accoutrements which come with that sobriquet but like “Desmond”, he is OUR despicable creature and some adipose poor excuse for a lesbian-wedding-suit-model had no right to call him any name.  (Not judgin’, just sayin’.)

The idea of threatening to bomb them would only result in billions of dollars of improvements.  Not for anything but if you ever saw a picture of the world at night, you will see lights all over American, much of Canada, Europe and so forth.  The only inhabited land on the face of the planet which is as dark as the Hilderbeast’s soul is North Korea.

(That is a little unfair.  Virtually ANY Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Marxist or Communist’s name could be used in place of the Hilderbeast.)

Apparently Kim Jong-Un is a supreme “leader” of some 4th world nation.  You would think that he and Biff would be kindred spirits.  After all, it seems like Biff’s plan is to make the US as prosperous as is North Korea.

North Korea’s top enterprises appear to be prison camps and sitting the dark.  Little known fact, ANYONE can be sentenced to a prison camp.  From what I gather no one gets out alive.  (And, if some poor child is born in a prison camp, said child will eventually die in the prison camp.  Even a poor baby born there, free of any crime, will spend their life on Earth in a gulag.  [Stedman is taking notes.])

I am sure Biff would like some hints from Un on how to accomplish this.

Then add to the mix, the Un had his “girlfriend” executed for “pornography.”  I am a little nervous to know what passes for smut in the DPRK.  Yet, they see Dennis “The Worm” Rodman as some kind of hero.

Starting to make sense now?

The good news is that it is unlikely that Biff will declare war on DPRK.  Un is a bigger bully than is Biff and when out-bullied, a weaker bully will always back down. And, after all, what do we have to lose by just backing down by doing nothing?

I mean, they do not produce any goods, services or anything of use, much like the Democrat National Committee. And they are not storming our borders with future undocumented Democrat voters. So, they bring nothing to the table.

But I will leave you with this.

I was watching a year in review show the other night and it was fascinating in two respects, three if you count the obvious.

What I noticed was that there was crisis after crisis all year long and each and every one of them disappeared as quickly and mysteriously as they appeared. For example, Ebola came to our Country. One of the most deadly and contagious diseases in earth.  (Not the most contagious but close enough for jazz.)  Biff this, Biff that and as quick as it arrived and every one had their knickers in a knot, poof, the scare was over.

And nothing more to it, unless it was a dry run of some sort or that it was yet another distraction.

The other thing was one of omission.  Despite all the brouhaha about this and that, there was ZERO talk about the IRS cases of targeting certain groups, of the testimony of Lerner and others as they “allegedly” perjured themselves, of the Benghazi hearings, or the VA SNAFUs, the trade for the deserter Bergdahl and what happened to the high value targets we gave up, of that loose cannon Gruber blowing the lid off the lie that is OBAMA’s OBAMACARE and more.

Then again, that brings us to the third: That being the complicity of the SRMFM. After all why would they talk about IRS, OBAMACARE, Benghazi and more when the contrived, and manufactured in many cases, crises only purpose was to distract from them?

(I believe it was George Orwell who said: “Journalism is printing what someone does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”)

So, when Kim Jung Un calls Biff a “monkey”, what is the rest of the story? And is this not just another distraction.

And again, Biff may be a lot of things, few if any worth a hoot, but it is not for some tin-horn dictator of some 4th world country to call him any names. (I guess there are no mirrors in your worker’s paradise, eh, Un?) Biff may not much or less but he is OUR not much or less.  Please make a note of it.


PRAYER  LIST. Please if it is in your heart and belief to pray for one’s healing, kindly keep these folks in your prayers: George, Marilyn, Brigid Vogt, Billy Copeland, Steven Moore, Annette S, Mrs. Schoelkoph, Meghan Shipley, my dear pal Manny Cirenza, William “Bill” Cates, your very own Precious, SFC Richard Creasey (RET), Vinny D’Amico, John Nault, David Keith, Ugo Baroni, Dr. Jim Van Ostrand, Vairee Pruitt,  Laura Kirk Mergens, 6 year old Christopher,  Larry Zontini, Chuck Wallace, Frank Kitzerow, Alfred Croix, Mr. Smith (Kim’s dad), Tracey (Nam Vet, friend of Chris), Jon and Heidi Anderson, Dan Anderson (just diagnosed with cancer that has spread through his entire body), Mary Rose and Bill Schwarz, Regina, Jason Shamblen (28 years old diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer)

Requiescat in pace: Ron Bridel, Ross McGillis, Eddie Montalvo, my very close pal Al Bukofzer, Bob Bukias, Tom McGuckin, Kate Mulligan, Susan Simpson, Norman Allen Hansen, SGT Shawn Farrell (KIA Afghanistan), dear long-time friend Billy “BMT” Harning, Guitar great and old pal Johnny Winter, Robin Williams, Tucky Coles, Greg, 10 year old cancer patient Jules, Greg (friend of Lana), Bernice Croix, SGT Franklin Corley, Bernhild Corey, Bobby Keys, Bob Moulder, Sr., my old friend Joe Cocker,  NYPD Officers Liu and Ramos, Eli Asbury Beeler (94 year old WWII Vet.  Job well done, Sir!)

Any others who are sick or recently deceased and you wish prayers, please ask.


If it is in your heart (which it should be) and in your ability (which I hope it is) that you will take a moment and think of our brave men and women serving our Country.

If you can send a package, that would be wonderful. If you need any guidance on this, please contact me for details. If nothing else, I am sure that it is within everyone’s ability to send them a card with a “thank you for your service” sentiment included. Maybe a prepaid phone card might be something you can slip in the card as well.

OS2 – Anthony Magri OPS/01


FPO AA       34092-1721

If any of you have anyone serving particularly in Afghanistan or anywhere else, please let me know and I will add their name here.


I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



PS: As always, I appreciate and welcome your thoughts, ideas, comments or criticisms. To be added to the mailing list or for any other communications, either hit “REPLY” from this email or send under separate cover with the word “FISH” in the subject line to: .  If you no longer wish to receive this please send an email with the word “DELETE” in the subject line.


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