“The Lyin’ Sleeps Tonight”

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“I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.”

Genesis 3:19


My Friends and Fellow Fine Folks:

(Note, there is a very special appeal at the end of the main body of this issue regarding a book.  Please do me the small favor to read that if nothing else in this issue.  Thanks.)


Mario Cuomo passed away.

Other than to his immediate family, it is not a great tragedy.  The real tragedy is what he did while he was living.

I may seem cold and hard about this.  And perhaps I am.  Yes, I did say a prayer for him and for the repose of his soul. I am not that cruel and heartless.  But that said, he was one of the old “Liberal Lions” as he has been called and has been compared to St. Tedward, the Patron Saint of Drunk Drivers.

I posit that is was not a “Liberal Lion” like Tedward or any of the old guard but more like the current crop, a “Lyin’ Liberal.”

“But, Precious, this is back to being THE Fish, I thought this was the kinder, gentler side of you.”

It is and it is.

You see, there are two things which really bother me, two traits in a person which will really set me off. One is a failure to love God and Country and the other is hypocrisy.

Sadly, most Libs are guilty of both and sadder still, more and more “Republicans” are joining in the fun.  (John McLame, check him out.)

You see, there is 20/20 hindsight when it comes to the lives of many public figures when they have passed. Or, perhaps, it is selective amnesia.

No matter how bad, evil, dishonest or whatever a public figure may have been when drawing a breath, the obits and the eulogies are full of praise for this “great man/woman who….”

Who did what that was good?  We will never know.

Cuomo was no exception.  Except that he was an enigma in some sense of the word.

You see, he is called a great man, a compassionate man, a brilliant man, a great family man and so on.  And, you know, I agree with almost all of that.

Say what you will, he had a social consciousness and despite everything else, he did remain true to that once he made up his mind.  He instilled much of that into his kids, especially the current Governor of New York who allegedly as the “liberal compassion” of his father but not anywhere near his brains, charm or sense.

He was married to the same woman for sixty years.  There was never any talk, as far as I know, of any Clintonian-type scandals.  His most grievous public sins were prolly related to his race for NYC mayor against the eventual victor, Ed Koch. (I will not sully this page, or Hizonner’s memory, by the comments and campaign tactics used by the Cuomo campaign against Ed Koch.)

When you read of his “accomplishments” as governor, they are rather plain and mundane. In fact, from what I can gather all the good that happened in this state during his tenure was of the financial sort and education.  Not bad but that is his job.

Quite frankly there was nothing new or earthshaking that he did or started on his own and most everything of a positive (and to be fair, negative) outcome was mostly due to the State Assembly and Senate.

He is prolly best known on a national level for his keynote address at the 1984 Democrat Convention when Whatshisname was nominated and subsequently destroyed by The Gipper.

It was a “brilliant speech!” It was “galvanizing!”  He said “nothing!” But, proof positive that Libs like style over substance, and love platitudes and that was a great orator and could move a crowd.

So could Hitler.

(And no, I am not comparing the two in any other way but in oratory. His son, on the other hand…)

Cuomo’s speech was largely rhetoric, prose and a recrap of the history of the Dem Party in recent history. Not one word about ideas or plans other than whatever Reagan did was bad.

(Then Gov. Bill Clinton met then Gov. of Colorado Dick Lamm at the convention and asked him what he thought of the speech. Lamm replied: “Terrific! It galvanized the crowd!”  Clinton said: “C’mon, what did it really say about the issues we are trying to raise?” And perhaps the last time that a Dem was 100% completely honest when asked such a question, Lamm replied: “Nothing. Cuomo, Jesse Jackson, Ted Kennedy, same speech. Passionate statements about what we used to be.  We weren’t ready to face the issues of the future, so we celebrated the past”)

So far, his curriculum vitae is not exactly overflowing with kinds of things which will gain one admittance to the pantheon of the greats.

Many of you are waiting for the other shoe to drop.  In other words what really bothers me about this guy, dead or alive.

Many of you will be upset, many of you won’t care and some of you will, I hope, agree with my position if not at least accept my premise.

Allow me a few moments to expatiate on this.

I do not doubt, or will not doubt, that he loved God and Country.  That leaves the other thing which chaps my hide and that is hypocrisy.

You see, one of the reasons he lost the mayoral race was because he was against the death penalty (and things were pretty bad back in NY in those days.)

He could not see the value of taking a human life, even an eye for an eye. (Which I know is Old Testament and not in the New.)  OK, I give him that. And at first, he was consistent in that he was Pro-Life.

Then he got his butt kicked in two elections by those who were more liberal than he. And as if by magic, almost overnight he was “publically” and “politically” pro-abortion.

Yes, for some reason “all of a sudden”, he still could not see the reason to take the life of someone who had committed serious, heinous and brutal crimes, but was OK in killing an innocent baby.

(Yes, I am on a soap box, but it is my opinion and you have the right and duty to disagree.)

Now, of course, virtually ALL Liberals are against the death penalty, largely for the wrong reasons, and the same plurality will claim to support “a woman’s right to choose” or “woman’s health.”

(I am not going to rehash any of this by stating the woman already chose once when she had relations and that over half of the aborted babies would have grown up to be women.)

And prolly by the same margins, those supporting abortion will “claim” that they are “personally against it” and want it to be “safe and rare” and other bits of bravo sierra.

(Do we have to list the people in gummint who have some interest, financial or otherwise, in the abortion industry?  From actually having ownership of some degree in a company what commits them to a cozy relationship with the industry in the sense of campaign contributions from “Planned Parenthood” and the like.)

But Cuomo took that to a whole ‘nother level.

Cuomo was, by all accounts, a “devout” catholic. (I am using small “c” for reasons which will become obvious in a moment.)  He publicly, professionally and politically supported abortion but was “personally” against it.

THAT, my dear friends, is the quintessential definition of a hypocrite. (And, IMHOBVAO, deserving of the small “c.”)

Few, if any of us, could hold those same views and have as much impact on others as does someone in power, such as a governor.  You see, if YOU say “While I am morally opposed to abortion, I respect the right of the woman to make that decision” it carries little or no weight.  But a governor or, member of Congress or a President says that, then that is a different matter.

I am not judging mind you, yes it sounds as such, but I am not.  We all sin and no one’s sins are more pleasing to God than another’s.  But we don’t go around saying “I am personally against theft, but it is your right to steal if you wish.”  Hello? Now, where is the difference?

We are on this planet for but a short time and eternity, well, that is a lot longer.  I would far rather have to answer to any civil power that to God Almighty for any infractions.

That is why I am even writing this essay on Cuomo.   He was nothing special as a governor or, truly, any more special than anyone of us. But he was the governor and he “chose” to live with the dichotomy of trying to please voters because his belief in the Church of Liberalism and his deep and fervent belief in God as a catholic.

I just don’t get it.

He even went to Notre Dame University to give a speech to the assembled masses where he made the argument that abortion was a good thing.  That was thirty years ago.  Of course since then the college invited Biff to speak, so you know they have gone fully left.

Yes, the catholic governor of the fifth most Catholic state went to a Catholic college to speak on support for abortion.

And what did he get for his troubles? Almost excommunicated.

John Cardinal O’Connor said that he did not think Cuomo was evil, just wrong.

I take it a step further.  I do not want to think he was evil, but he was wrong and he was a Liberal who pandered for votes.  After all, he was staunchly Pro-Life until he got his butt kicked in two elections by those who were more liberal than he.

I do so hope I am wrong, but Mario sounds like he made a modern day Faustian Pact with the devil.

I am reminded of Matthew 16:26 or Mark 8:36.

I hope he made his peace with God before he passed.

I hope other Liberals would learn something from his life.

Again, I am not judging, I am just sad for someone who could have made a bigger difference in this world, perhaps, had he not sold out.

But, are not the Libs the party of the short cut? Of avoiding the heavy lifting?

Requiescat In Pace.
(NOTE:  At the very end, after all the prayer requests and such are two links.  One where the salient parts of Cuomo’s Notre Dame speech is discussed.  The other is from someone I consider if not a friend but a good acquaintance.  He is a retired editor from NEWSDAY.  Long time readers might remember my discussing some of our conversations and emails.  He was a close friend and advisor to Cuomo.  Interesting that in his “eulogy” he really does not make the case for sainthood for him.  In fact, well, you read for yourself and let me know what YOU think.)

(LAST THING, I PROMISE:  A new book is published “Baptized by Fire: A Lighting of the Soul” by Joe Brazzle.  http://www.amazon.com/Baptized-Fire-Lighting-Joe-Brazzle/dp/1500107255/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1420400298&sr=8-1&keywords=baptized+by+fire  It is a self-published book and it is very modestly priced.   Rather than tell you about the book, one of my good friends served with him.  Here are two excerpts of my friend’s words.

“Full disclosure: I know Joe Brazzle extremely well, so I may be a bit biased in this review of his book.

I was Joe’s Drill Sergeant when he went through 12B OSUT at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. He stood out, even as Private Brazzle, as a man who understood leadership, dedication, perseverance, honesty, and selfless service.

After completing training Joe was assigned to Fort Hood, TX; and I completed my time as a Drill Sergeant and then did a year in Korea. After completing my tour in Korea I was assigned back to Fort Bragg, NC to the best company of paratroopers who ever strapped on a T-10. One of the young Team Leaders in my Platoon was Joe Brazzle. That was in 2000 and we continued to serve together (I was his Platoon Sergeant and 1SG for just over 8 years) until I left Bragg to go to the United States Army Sergeants’ Major Academy in 2008. I basically watched him grow from Private to Sergeant First Class.

We deployed together three times and I think I have more time getting shot at with him than with anybody else. Rockets, mortars, small arms fire…we were there together, and although I know he was just as afraid as any other sane human being, I never saw him flinch in the face of danger. As a Soldier he was a professional, and he continues to display all of those characteristics in his new life “after the army”.

Tammy and I are also the God Parents to his two beautiful daughters.

On August 17th, 2007 I had just been reassigned to HHD, 20th EN BDE, pending my attendance to USASMA. I was at home, grilling a steak on my back porch and I decided to call Brazz because I knew he was sweating his ass off at the demo range (Range 47). I wasn’t expecting an answer because they were on the range so I left a voice mail where I told him that while he was sweating his ass off on the range, I was drinking a beer and grilling a steak. I remember closing the message with, “Call me back when you get home; love you man”.

I had no idea that the next time I would see him he would be hooked up to machines that were keeping him alive.

Within 10 minutes of leaving him that voice mail message my phone rang and it was one of the other Soldiers from my old company. This Soldier was at the demo range and witnessed the accident that injured Brazz and the other Soldiers. He told me that the MEDEVAC had been called and although alive, Joe was not doing well.

I got a hold of Samantha (Joe’s beautiful wife) and while Tammy watched his daughter Rhea at our home, I drove Sam to the hospital in Chapel Hill.

This book is not only a story of his personal spiritual recovery, but a lessons-learned to all of us who have faced adversity or hardships in life.

The book talks about accepting yourself, forgiving others, being proactive and so much more. In short; you do not have to be a wounded warrior to learn something from this book. We can all learn something from it

The link for it at Amazon is (above). This is a self-published book so Joe isn’t making much money from it, but the $8.09 is well worth the minimal cost for the lessons it teaches.

Please buy this book now and learn these lessons now before you HAVE to lean them on your own later.”


That was followed with: “Brazz is an awesome man; we should all aspire to be the husband and father that he is. He went through a very tough time recovering from this. He lost his right eye, had a huge chunk of his left calf blown off, suffered flash burns all over his body. I have lots of friends, but only two who I would trust the lives of my wife and son to. He is one of them.”

As a favor to me, if you can spare a few bucks for an inspiring and uplifting book and help a Vet at the same time I could greatly appreciate it.  I am not asking for myself but for someone who is need.  As I would do for any of you.)


PRAYER  LIST. Please if it is in your heart and belief to pray for one’s healing, kindly keep these folks in your prayers: George, Marilyn, Brigid Vogt, Billy Copeland, Steven Moore, Annette S, Mrs. Schoelkoph, Meghan Shipley, my dear pal Manny Cirenza, William “Bill” Cates, your very own Precious, SFC Richard Creasey (RET), Vinny D’Amico, John Nault, David Keith, Ugo Baroni, Dr. Jim Van Ostrand, Vairee Pruitt,  Laura Kirk Mergens, 6 year old Christopher,  Larry Zontini, Chuck Wallace, Frank Kitzerow, Alfred Croix, Mr. Smith (Kim’s dad), Tracey (Nam Vet, friend of Chris), Jon and Heidi Anderson, Mary Rose and Bill Schwarz, Regina, Jason Shamblen (28 years old diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer), my dear friend Father Tony Heinlein

Requiescat in pace: Ron Bridel, Ross McGillis, Eddie Montalvo, my very close pal Al Bukofzer, Bob Bukias, Tom McGuckin, Kate Mulligan, Susan Simpson, Norman Allen Hansen, SGT Shawn Farrell (KIA Afghanistan), dear long-time friend Billy “BMT” Harning, Guitar great and old pal Johnny Winter, Robin Williams, Tucky Coles, Greg, 10 year old cancer patient Jules, Greg (friend of Lana), Bernice Croix, SGT Franklin Corley, Bernhild Corey, Bobby Keys, Bob Moulder, Sr., my old friend Joe Cocker,  NYPD Officers Liu and Ramos, Eli Asbury Beeler (94 year old WWI Vet.  Job well done, Sir!), Dan Anderson


Any others who are sick or recently deceased and you wish prayers, please ask.


If it is in your heart (which it should be) and in your ability (which I hope it is) that you will take a moment and think of our brave men and women serving our Country.

If you can send a package, that would be wonderful. If you need any guidance on this, please contact me for details. If nothing else, I am sure that it is within everyone’s ability to send them a card with a “thank you for your service” sentiment included. Maybe a prepaid phone card might be something you can slip in the card as well.

OS2 – Anthony Magri OPS/01


FPO AA       34092-1721

If any of you have anyone serving particularly in Afghanistan or anywhere else, please let me know and I will add their name here.


I am John and I approve this message!

Be strong, keep the faith and pray. (While you can.)

God Bless



PS: As always, I appreciate and welcome your thoughts, ideas, comments or criticisms. To be added to this thing, please send an email to: Jaksavin@aol.com with the words “ADD” in the comment subject line (and anything else you care to write in the body.) To be deleted, same address with “DELETE” in the subject line. Thanks!





(Re: The mention of the “suscipiat.  I recall the “Suscipiat” from when I was an altar boy.  “Suscipiat Dominus sacrificium de minibus tuis, ad laudem et gloriam nominus sui, ad utilitatem quoque nostrum, totiusque ecclesiae suae sanctae.”  Post Vatican II fans will know this as the part of the Offertory which goes “May the Lord accept this sacrifice  at your hands….”)


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