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My Friends and Fellow Humans:

Last week there was a special issue for a special lady who had a very special birthday.  Our friend and fellow reader Jean Butterfield turned 100 years old.  I was very surprised that there were a number of other folks nearing that age.  My brother-in-arms, Farmer Mike’s mom turned 99 on Sunday. Who knew?

I received a plethora of emails back from many of you wishing Jean a “Happy Hundred” and I made her aware of the out-pouring of love and felicitations.  One of the more humorous aspects of many of those emails was a request for me to write a special issue for the sender on THEIR 100th Birthday.


Well, as I said, if you make it and I am still around I will most assuredly write one for you!  Good luck!  May you all live as long as you want but not want for as long as you live.

However, there is someone who will not be celebrating his 100th birthday or for that matter his 26th.  That would be Brian Moore.

Brian was a NYPD Officer.  He was a cop in the 105th Precinct in Queens. That was the number of the precinct where I grew up. I am not sure if my old house is still in that precinct.

He was from my town and in fact I used to live in his neighborhood.  He was friends with another cop from the neighborhood who used to play soccer and hockey with my kid.  We go back some time.  He used to work at a local pizza store I used to go to back in the day.  The detective that pulled him out of the car was another kid from the neighborhood we have known almost all of his life. I used to have a beer with the detectives dad.  All these kids went to the same high school a block from our old house.

Really, it is a pretty unremarkable area of town except for the fact that there are a lot of policemen, firemen, federal agents and Mafia figures who live in the neighborhood. (I could tell ya stories.  Fuhgeddaboutit.)

Oh, one more thing, there is very little crime there for some reason.  (Perhaps because so many of the locals on both side of the badge are carrying?)


Oddly enough, Brian lived on the same street where Eddie Byrne, another of New York’s Finest, used to live.  Before he, too, was shot and killed by four cold blooded murderers some years back.  (There was a vigil for Brian on Monday night at field at the high school.  The name of the field is “Edward Byrne Memorial Field.”)

Brian was on patrol last Saturday night.  Working plain clothes with a partner.  They are watching the streets in a not so great, but by no means a horrible, area.  They saw a known bad guy walking the streets.  They were questioning him when Brian asked what was he doing as he seemed to be fiddling with something in his waist band.

Brian asked “Do you have something in your waist?”

The skell said “Yeah, I got something” and pulled out a gun, fired three shots, one hitting Brian in the face.

Brian was taken to the hospital in critical condition, soon put on life support as brain activity had all but stopped. He was taken off life support late Monday morning, he expired, his tour was over and he went to his reward in heaven.

No matter to whom you talked who knew Brian no one ever had a bad thing to say about him. He was born to be a cop.  As if he couldn’t even if he did not want to be one .  His father and uncle were cops, he has other cousins and other family members on law enforcement hither and yon. Kinda like the family business.


Now, let’s talk about the fine upstanding citizen who murdered Brian in cold blood.

His life was the mirror image of Brian’s.  Demetrius Blackwell was a career criminal.  In fact at the time of the murder, he had outstanding arrest warrants.

He spent time in prison for attempted murder and served time in the “Clinton Correctional Facility.”  (In NY we just call it  Dannemora, as that is where it is.)

You will note that at no time have I used the word “alleged” as I  am wont to do when there is any doubt to guilt.  Other than Brian’s partner Erick Jansen, two regular citizens positively identified Demetrius Blackwell.

Blackwell ran away, of course, and within ninety minutes was flushed out of a neighborhood house and was quickly apprehended.  They would have caught him anyway even if his drawers weren’t falling off of him.  (BJ, what do you always say: “Damn the luck!”?)


Shortly after hearing of Brian’s passing, Biff was on TV for some reason or another.  I gave him all the attention and respect he deserves as I was doing anything else. But in the middle of his lie-fest which I think had something to do with race, as he has been on that kick lately, there was a report of a just-now police involved shooting in, of all places, Baltimore.

They cut to the streets in Baltimore and the reporter was talking to a young citizen who “saw” the whole thing. She “saw” the cop hassling the poor unarmed man. She was asked about that as she was asked to confirm that the innocent citizen did not have a gun.  She said the guy had no gun but she saw the cop fire his gun and all that.   She saw the black guy get murdered and carried away.

Yup, it was more “White cop/innocent black man violence.”

When will it ever end?

The lies that is.

The newsfeeds and TV crawls are reporting all kinds of misinformation.  As it turns out, the guy did have a gun, he dropped the gun causing it to discharge and that was basically that.  No one shot anyone, no one was injured and no one told the truth.

Including Biff.

That does not suit his narrative.  He spent more time talking about something that did not happen in Baltimore than he talked about the cold-blooded murder of a White cop at the hands of Demetrius Blackwell.

Oh, BTW, he did not mention a word.


I am SURE if Brian or Erik or some other White cop aced some career criminal like Demetrius Blackwell, he’d have a bunch to say, how if he had a son he would look like Demetrius Blackwell.  He would send alleged AG Awnt Esther to Queens, as she was sent to Baltimore on Tuesday.

For some odd reason $harpton had nothing to say. I guess he was baiting his race hooks for something else.  (And I tried to work him and his pinions up on his pages but no takers.)

Proof that the media just plain suck (sorry, I am taking this a little too personally, despite my “respect” the media) ABC news Tuesday night reported that Demetrius Blackwell’s gun had been found.  For some reason they had to add “It came from Georgia where the laws for buying a gun are more lax.”

That would be all well and good except for one thing.  The gun was one of almost two dozen stolen from a gun shop in Georgia.  I assure you, some dude selling stolen guns is not asking for ID when he sells the gun.

(You all know me. You know I am not leaving this alone. I IM’d the newsreader and to my surprise he responded.  I did ask him to redact that statement with clarification that the gun was stolen and laws in “the South” had nothing to do with Demetrius Blackwell murdering PO Brian Moore.)  (UPDATE TO THAT:  Yeah, we got it worked out.  I have the IM’s and will send it out next week perhaps, with commentary. )

On Thursday, police from all over the Country gathered at Chapey’s Funeral Home in Bethpage.  On Friday a funeral Mass was said at St. James Roman Catholic Church a few blocks north.

Twenty-five year old decorated NYPD Brain Moore went to his reward.  There was a tremendous outpouring of love, respect and admiration for his fine young man.

Twenty-five miles to the West is career criminal Demetrius Blackwell sitting in a cell in Riker’s Island.  There is nothing going on for this dirtbag.  But we will find out at his murder trial that he was a victim if his circumstances, he was a product of a broken home, his dog ate his homework or some other bravo sierra to humanize this POS who has no regard for the law, himself or others.  Lawyers will beg for acquittal then for leniency.

New York does not have the death penalty anymore.  It is such a good and progressive state.  We have wonderful leaders (two of the top three have recently been arrested for graft and corruption.)

After the shooting in Baltimore and after the kangaroo court rush to judgement in announcing indictments, there were riots, mayhem, vandalism and more.

After PO Moore was murdered, there was a prayer vigil.


I am not the smartest tool in the drawer but I think only one of these were the correct response.

Here in New York a good an honorable and honored young man is murdered in cold blood by another career criminal.

In Baltimore you have the Mayor, the DA, the State AG, Al $harpton and alleged AG Awnt Esther getting their collective government issued panties in a wad over the police cashing a career bad guy’s ticket. (The more I read about this, the more sure I am that these cops are going to be found innocent.)

Y’ever read anything by Kafka?  Are ya good in Chinese Algebra?  They make far more sense than what has gone on in this sad tale of two liberal cities.

(SIDEBAR: When the death of PO Moore was announced, Mayor of New Jack City DeBlahZero did not make the announcement like a real man would have.)

There was a wake on Thursday.  Thousands of mourners filed past Brian’s casket.  The usual cast of characters where there, Cuomo, DeBlahzero, Mangano, Jeh Johnson and others. Some welcome, some not so much.

Friday was the solemn procession from the funeral home up the few blocks to St. James Church.  Led by what seemed to be a hundred or more bagpipers, the hearse arrived at the Church where there was an estimated 30,000 mourners, mostly all law enforcement with the family, friends and neighbors filling out the rest.

Motorcycles more than you can count in addition to other vehicles with an air escort of police helicopters led to St. Charles Cemetery for interment. I guess if you wished you could find much of that on the internet or YouTube.

Driving home I went past the area where the Church and funeral home are. Not a speck of dirt or damage on the street where some 30,000 people were a few hours earlier.  Each and every utility pole for a few miles had a big blue ribbon and bow on them.

I still do a lot of my trade in that part of town.  I stopped in the liquor store that I have been going to for about twenty years now.  There were two girls ringing up the sales.  As one was ringing up mine, the other was talking to a female customer.  I could not help but hear the cashier say that she lived across the street from Brian and went to school with him from grammar through high school.  She was crying the entire time and made no attempt to cover them up.  The woman asked “You are devastated, how can you be here at work in this condition?”  The girl replied “What am I going to do? Riot? That is not what Brian would do.  If the situation was reversed, he would be at work. This is the least I can do for him.”

That is the perfect example of the influence this young man had in his short life.  It also shows the restraint of a civilized and law-abiding population. Read into that what you wish.


I have nothing more to add.  Anything else will just be piling on and cause my heart to break even more.

Job well done, officer.  Your tour is over.   Godspeed home.



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